Insulon® Hose LP

Vacuum Jacketed Transfer Hoses for Cryogenic and High Temperatures

Engineered with Insulon® advanced vacuum insulation for ultra-high thermal performance. Insulon Hose LP is available in select sizes and pressure ratings. Suitable for cryogenic and high-temperature applications from -270°C to 900°C (-454°F to 1652°F).

Flexible stainless steel vacuum jacketed hose


Insulon® Hose LP is engineered specifically for atmospheric and lower pressure applications. Download the data sheet for more details. If you need vacuum jacketed hoses for a high pressure application, please submit a custom tubing request form.

Hydrogen refueling station

Cryogenic Fluid Transfer

Insulon Hose LP is designed for the transfer of liquid nitrogen and other cryogenic fluids

Pressure release valve on an industrial steam distribution system

High Temp Liquids & Gases

Insulon Hose LP features vacuum insulation that can be used at high temperatures

Industrial chemical processing and manufacturing

Chemical Processing

Maintain materials at precise temperatures in chemical and petrochemical processing

Cable and wire harnesses in high temperature environments need thermal insulation

Cable & Wire Harnesses

Cable and wire harnesses in high temperature environments need thermal insulation

Industrial manufacturing equipment and processing

Industrial Equipment

Insulon Hose LP is rugged and durable, well-suited to demanding industrial applications

Thermal Insulation Performance

Insulon Hose LP is designed for cryogenic and high temperature environments from -270°C to 900°C (-454°F to 1652°F). The charts below illustrate the thermal performance of a 1/2″ ID, 6-foot long Insulon Hose LP. The first chart highlights cryogenic insulation performance; the second chart highlights high-temperature insulation performance.

Cryogenic Insulation Performance

Chart - Insulon Vacuum Jacketed Hose LP - Cryogenic Insulation Performance
This chart illustrates the difference between the media temperature (LN2, -196°C) and the outer surface temperature (aka “touch temperature”). At steady state, the outer surface temperature of the Insulon Hose LP was over 205°C (369°F) warmer than the process media.

High-Temperature Insulation Performance

Chart - Insulon Vacuum Jacketed Hose LP - High Temperature Insulation Performance
This chart illustrates the difference between the media temperature (hot air) and the outer surface temperature (aka “touch temperature”). When the process media was 900°C (1652°F), the temperature difference was over 640°C (1150°F) at steady state.

Features & Benefits

The right thermal insulation can optimize thermal energy efficiency

Thermal Insulation

Thermal energy is valuable. Insulon Hose LP is designed with advanced vacuum insulation to help you conserve this valuable resource. Save energy, reduce heat waste, and improve overall efficiency. Download the data sheet to view cryogenic and high-temperature insulation performance data.

Condensation can lead to dripping and mold

Reduce Condensation

Proper thermal insulation helps reduce condensation on the outer surface of the hose. By limiting the accumulation of moisture, Insulon Hose LP helps prevent dripping, frost, corrosion, and the risk of mold growth.

Flexible vacuum insulated hoses with low springback characteristics

Flexibility with Low Springback

Insulon Hose LP provides flexibility with low springback for reduced stress on connections, fittings, and joints. Download the data sheet for technical specifications including static bend radius.

Flame retardant thermal insulation materials improve safety

Flame Retardant Materials

Insulon Hose LP is built with 316L stainless steel, a naturally flame-retardant material. Insulon Hose LP is engineered for thermal environments from -270°C to 900°C (-454°F to 1652°F). If you need vacuum jacketed tubing for higher temperature applications, please fill out our custom tubing request form.

Fibrous thermal insulation materials are messy, high-maintenance, and difficult to install

Non-Fibrous Insulation

Fibrous insulation materials can be cumbersome to install, inspect, and maintain. They can become compressed over time, reducing their effectiveness as an insulator. They can also release fibers, causing problems with contamination and inhalation. Insulon Hose LP provides a non-fibrous insulation solution for cleanrooms and other sanitary environments.


Insulon Hose LP is currently available in two diameter sizes: 1/2 inch ID, and 3/4 inch ID. If you need a different size vacuum jacketed hose, please submit a custom tubing request form.

Inner Diameter (ID)1/2 in.3/4 in.
Outer Diameter (OD)1.27 in.1.62 in.
Overall Wall Thickness0.39 in.0.44 in.
Lengths1-20 feet1-20 feet
Operating Temperature-270°C to 900°C (-454°F to 1652°F)-270°C to 900°C (-454°F to 1652°F)
Material316L stainless steel316L stainless steel
Maximum Allowable Working Pressure (MAWP)72 psi (4.96 bar) at 23°C (73°F)**43 psi (2.96 bar) at 23°C (73°F)**
WeightApprox. 0.463 lb./ft.Approx. 0.64 lb./ft.
Minimum Allowable Bend Radius (Static)3.33 in.*4 in.*
*Bend radius specifications apply to static applications only.
**Contact sales for pressure derating factor at temperature for your application. Pressure tests are conducted at 1.5x MAWP according to NAHAD Corrugated Metal Hose Assembly Specification Guidelines, p. 33 (2005).

Select Your End Configurations

We keep our most popular end fittings in stock to shorten lead times. We are happy to provide other types of end fittings not listed below. Custom configurations may have longer lead times.

Tube Stub (no end fitting)

Tube Stub (no end fitting)

  • Stainless steel
  • Minimum length: 0.84 in.
  • Wall thickness: 0.035 in.
  • Included with Insulon Hose LP, 1/2″ ID and 3/4″ ID
Compression Fitting

Compression Fittings

  • Stainless steel
  • Available with Insulon Hose LP, 1/2″ ID and 3/4″ ID
  • Delivered in box (not attached to hose)
CGA295 (JIC Swivel Nut) End Fitting

CGA295 (JIC Swivel Nut)

  • Stainless steel or brass
  • Standard fitting for LN2 dewars
  • Available with Insulon Hose LP, 1/2″ ID only
  • Delivered attached to hose

FAQ — Vacuum Jacketed Hoses

  • Are end fittings already attached?
    • CGA295 (JIC Swivel Nut) end fittings will be delivered attached to the hoses.
    • Compression fittings will be delivered unattached.
  • Are bulk discounts available?

    Yes, bulk discounts are available for qualifying orders. Request a quote →

  • Can vacuum jacketed hoses be ordered in longer sections and cut to length?

    No, vacuum jacketed hoses cannot be cut to length after delivery. They must be ordered in the correct size.

  • What does LP stand for?

    LP stands for low pressure. Insulon Hose LP is our line of vacuum jacketed hoses for low pressure applications.

  • Are other end fittings available?

    Yes, we can supply virtually any end fittings that you need for your hose assembly. Our standard end configurations include CGA-295 end fittings and compression fittings, and these are typically available with the shortest lead times.

  • Are high pressure vacuum jacketed hoses available?

    Yes, high pressure Insulon vacuum jacketed hoses are available. Contact us to request a quote →

  • Custom Vacuum Insulated Tubing:

    Does Insulon Hose LP not meet your requirements? We also engineer Insulon Technology into custom vacuum jacketed hoses, piping, and bend-to-shape tubing. Custom projects are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

    Flexible vacuum jacketed tube

    Flexible Tubes & Hoses

    High-performance insulation, small bend radius, and easy installation. Flexible vacuum insulated tubes withstand vibration and other mechanical stresses.

    Flexible tubes and hoses →

    Bendable vacuum insulated tube that holds its shape

    Bend-to-Shape Tubing

    Field-bendable tubing that holds its shape. Adjust to your desired form, and our bend-to-shape tubes stay in position while delivering high-performance insulation.

    Bend-to-shape tubing →

    Small diameter vacuum insulated tubes are displayed next to a U.S. dime to demonstrate small size

    Small-Bore & Miniature Tubing

    Small-diameter and miniature vacuum jacketed tubes for compact and space-constrained systems. Ultra-thin design and ultra-high performance.

    Small-bore & miniature tubing →

    Stainless steel vacuum insulated pipes

    Straight, Rigid Piping

    Rugged, durable vacuum insulated tubes and pipes for cryogenic and high temperatures. Option to include multi-layer insulation to reduce radiation heat transfer.