What is a wire harness?

Wire harnesses are everywhere — under the hood of every car and truck on the road, and in every plane, jet, and rocket in the sky. Wire harnesses are also referred to as cable harnesses or cable assemblies. These terms all describe a systematic set of cables or wires bundled to form an integrated unit. This integrated unit can transmit electrical power and signals, connecting different parts of the car, truck, or plane to each other. Wire harnesses are critical to the proper performance of virtually any modern vehicle.

How are wire harnesses manufactured?

A wire harness is manufactured by covering and grouping together individual cables and wires. The groups are then encased in an external sleeve made of durable materials to guard against extreme heat, moisture, dust, friction, and other environmental hazards. Bundling the cables together can also help to contain and more easily route circuits within limited spaces.

Operators inspect a wire assembly for a vehicle

What applications use wire harnesses?

In industries dominated by automation, particularly in aerospace and automotive industries, there is a growing need for quality wiring harnesses. Some industries and applications that use wire harnesses include:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive, particularly electric vehicles
  • Electronics, including flat panel displays, and computers
  • Heavy machinery and equipment
  • Medical devices
  • Military
  • Robotics
  • Telecommunications
Thermal protection for sensors and instruments
Wire harnesses are used extensively in aerospace manufacturing

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