Advanced Vacuum Insulation: Insulon® Technology

Unique insulation solutions for complex thermal challenges from -270°C to 1000°C

We custom-design ultra thin vacuum insulation to enhance your application’s overall performance. Our goal is to maximize insulation while consuming the minimal amount of space. Ideal for cylindrical geometries, Insulon® can be manufactured into tubes, pipes, cans, containers, flasks, as well as custom designs.

High performance insulation solutions can help your application improve overall functionality. We design components that will bring out the best in your application by improving thermal performance, reducing space consumption, and optimizing for longevity in your system.

​Our engineers work with you to develop a design that fulfills thermal, geometric, and structural requirements, building and testing prototypes at our R&D facility. When it’s time for the next step, our manufacturing team puts together semi- or fully-automated cells for rapid, high volume production.

​The end result? An enhanced thermal system for more effective and efficient performance. Contact us to find out what Insulon® can do for your application.

If traditional thermal insulation materials are proving insufficient or ineffective, Insulon® may be able to help.

Ultra thin insulation

Thin thermal insulation with a high R-value is of paramount importance to space-constrained applications. Our custom-designed vacuum insulation delivers thermal solutions in a compact package. With overall insulation thickness as low as 0.25mm, our parts can be used to insulate needles. Our low profile design can help your product save space, maintain a sleek profile, and reduce overall packaging requirements — without sacrificing thermal performance.

High temperature performance

Vacuum insulation has traditionally been used exclusively for cryogenic applications. Our proprietary Insulon® Technology creates ultra thin, high temperature vacuum insulation for applications up to 1000°C. For the most demanding applications, reducing radiation heat transfer is key. Our most advanced Insulon® parts may also include our proprietary multilayer insulation for even greater high temperature thermal insulation performance.

High mechanical strength

Durable insulation must be built with high strength materials. Our insulation materials include metals such as stainless steel, Inconel and other alloys, making Insulon® vacuum insulation ideal for challenging physical environments. If you need an insulation component with specific mechanical properties, let us know. High pressure environment? No problem. Dealing with vibration? We can help. Our robust components can be built to withstand a variety of mechanical stresses.

Custom insulation solutions

Custom-designed insulation solutions can help your product stand out against the competition. Our goal is to deliver precise thermal enhancements that improve the overall performance of your product. Our engineers take a holistic approach to design, considering everything from component-level parameters to system-level parameters. Every feature of a Insulon® vacuum insulated part is custom-designed to your specifications — down to the very last millimeter.

Simplified assembly

With most conventional insulation materials, you have to do the installation yourself. This might mean spraying foam, clamping down blankets, or cutting, wrapping, and taping pyrogel in hard-to-reach places. These tedious installation processes can slow down your manufacturing process, costing you time and money. Insulon® offers an alternative insulation product — delivered as a preformed component built to spec, Insulon® is ready to be seamlessly integrated into your assembly.

Proprietary technology

No one else uses our patented technology found in every Insulon® part. From our advanced vacuum insulation technology to our high density, high temperature multilayer insulation, all of our proprietary technology is designed in-house — and nowhere else. Our engineers are constantly making advancements in thermal technology, and we take pride in delivering one-of-a-kind solutions to each and every customer.

Conserve thermal energy

More efficient performance

Reduce energy demands

Flexible vacuum insulated hose transports liquid nitrogen while maintaining safe-to-touch external surface


Applications for Insulon® are spread across a wide variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, batteries and fuel cells, consumer goods, medical, military, and more. Applications range from vacuum insulated sheaths for hypodermic needles to everyday handheld devices. Every part features the same cutting-edge thermal insulation technology, expertly customized to fit your application’s needs.

High temperature insulation contains heat from butane torch flame. Insulon Technology.

High performance insulation

Insulation performance depends on reducing heat transfer due thermal conduction, convection, or radiation. All Insulon® parts use proprietary high vacuum technology to drastically reduce convective and conductive heat flow; for the most demanding applications, our engineers introduce elements to reduce radiation heat transfer. Our insulation components help you concentrate thermal energy where you want it, often resulting in reduced energy demands and consumption.

Flexible insulated hose, vacuum insulated tube, and vacuum insulated container. Insulon Technology

Custom insulation components

We custom design insulation components to optimize your system both thermally and spatially. With ultra low insulation thickness, Insulon® is able to consume minimal space while delivering maximum insulation performance. The majority of Insulon® designs are based on cylindrical or elliptical shapes, and are built with stainless steel, Inconel, and other alloys. Insulation materials are selected according to the thermal and structural needs of your application.

Ultra thin vacuum insulation component displayed with cross section view. Walls as thin as 0.25mm.

How does it work?

Our patented vacuum insulation technology employs a deep vacuum space between the walls of two coaxial structures to effectively eliminate convective heat transfer. Our proprietary manufacturing process allows Insulon® vacuum spaces to be exceptionally thin and effective at a wide range of temperatures (up to 1000°C).

If desired, additional design elements may be included to reduce heat transfer due to radiation.