Insulon Technology

Insulon® Technology: Ultra Thin, High Performance Vacuum Insulation

If you are looking for ultra thin, high performance thermal insulation, we can help. Insulon Technology delivers outstanding insulation performance in a remarkably thin package. Low profile and robust materials make it an ideal insulator for demanding or space constrained applications.

Built from stainless metals, Insulon thermal barriers are rugged and durable while also appropriate for food grade and medical applications.

Concept Group engineers custom design Insulon thermal barriers with the highest attention to detail. Our primary goal is to deliver thermal insulating components that suit the thermal and spacial needs of your unique application.

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Benefits of Insulon® Technology

With a variety of insulating materials available, choosing the right one can be a daunting process. Insulon Technology is well-suited to applications that require high performance insulation within a small, thin, or confined space. Below are some additional benefits that can be expected alongside exceptional insulation performance.

Custom Design

Our engineers work with you to develop a unique geometry perfectly suited to your application’s thermal and spacial requirements.

Mechanically Robust

Insulon’s rugged metal design creates durable, long lasting, industrial strength thermal barriers.

Reduce Costs

Improved thermal management can enhance overall performance of a device or system, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Exceptionally Thin

Our parts have just millimeters (or less) in overall wall thickness. Our ultra thin walls leave more space for the rest of your design.

Conserve Energy

Retain heat within your system and use the contained thermal energy more effectively.

Protect Sensitive Components

Insulon can help protect sensitive components and equipment from damaging thermal exposure.

Custom Built Geometries

Our engineers work with you to custom design individual components to suit your application’s unique needs.
The majority of Insulon parts are built with stainless steel; alternative materials include Inconel, titanium, and other alloys.

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High Performance

Insulon barriers consistently achieve hundreds of degrees temperature difference between the outer and inner surfaces. One feature that makes Insulon special is its ability to perform in high temperature and high pressure environments. Rugged metal design makes our vacuum insulated tubes and pipes durable and long lasting.

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Applications range from ultra thin sheaths for hypodermic needles to everyday handheld devices. Every part features the same cutting-edge thermal barrier technology, expertly customized to fit each application’s needs.

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How does it work?

Insulon Technology employs a deep vacuum space between the walls of two coaxial tubes to effectively eliminate convective heat transfer. Our proprietary manufacturing process allows our vacuum spaces to be exceptionally thin and effective at a wide range of temperatures (up to 1000°C).

If desired, additional design elements may be included to reduce heat transfer due to radiation.

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