Insulon® Technology

Ultra thin,
high performance
thermal insulation

If you need thermal insulation and traditional insulation materials are proving insufficient or ineffective, Insulon® may be able to help. Insulon® delivers high thermal insulation performance in a low profile design, making it ideal for space-constrained applications. Insulon® boasts high temperature capabilities (up to 1000°C) and a mechanically robust design. Built with stainless steel, Insulon® components are easily sterilized, making them appropriate for food grade and medical applications.

Our engineers custom design Insulon® components for your unique application. Our goal is to maximize thermal energy management while consuming the minimal amount of space. Contact us today to find out what Insulon® can do for your design.

Ultra thin design

The walls of Insulon® components can be as thin as 0.25 mm.

High insulation performance

Insulon® regularly achieves hundreds of degrees temperature difference.

High temperature capabilities

Insulon® has a maximum operating temperature of 1000°C.

Mechanically robust

Insulon® components are mechanically robust and withstand vibration.

Food grade

Insulon® components are easily sterilized for food grade and medical applications.

Custom design

Insulon® is custom designed for your unique application.

Conserve thermal energy

More efficient performance

Reduce energy demands

Our goal is to maximize thermal insulation performance while consuming minimal space.

Our engineers work with you to custom design Insulon® to suit your application’s unique needs. The majority of Insulon® parts are built with stainless steel; alternative materials include Inconel, titanium, and other alloys.

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Straight Tubes

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Bent Tubes

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Flexible Tubes

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High Insulation Performance

Insulon® barriers consistently achieve hundreds of degrees temperature difference between the outer and inner surfaces. One feature that makes Insulon® special is its ability to perform in high temperature and high pressure environments. Rugged metal design makes our insulated components durable and long lasting.

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Insulon® is used across a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, batteries/fuel cells, consumer goods, medical and military. Applications range from ultra thin sheaths for hypodermic needles to everyday handheld devices. Every Insulon® part features the same cutting-edge thermal insulation technology, expertly customized to fit your application’s needs.

How does it work?

Insulon® Technology employs a deep vacuum space between the walls of two coaxial structures to effectively eliminate convective heat transfer. Our proprietary manufacturing process allows our vacuum spaces to be exceptionally thin and effective at a wide range of temperatures (up to 1000°C).

If desired, additional design elements may be included to reduce heat transfer due to radiation.

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