Insulon® Technology

Ultrathin, High-Performance Vacuum Insulation

When you need high-performance thermal insulation and you don’t have a lot of room to work with, Insulon® can help. Insulon® delivers outstanding thermal performance in a remarkably thin package, making it an ideal insulator for space-constrained applications.

Built from stainless metals, Insulon thermal barriers are rugged and durable while also appropriate for food grade and medical applications.

Insulon thermal barriers are custom-designed and manufactured with the highest attention to detail to suit the thermal and spacial needs of individual applications. If you are interested in learning more or ordering a custom prototype, contact us.

What can Insulon® do for you?

Whether your goal is to maintain safer skin temperatures, protect sensitive components, or retain heat/cold within your system, Insulon® Thermal Barriers allow for consistent ΔT’s between the inner and external environments. Insulon® can improve thermal performance in short bursts, or for extended periods of time at steady state temperatures. Our engineers work with you to design Insulon® to suit your application’s needs.


Our engineers work with you to design the best shape and size for your application.

Benefits of Insulon® Technology

With a variety of insulating materials available, choosing the right one can be a daunting process. Insulon Technology is well-suited to applications that require high-performance insulation within a small, thin, or confined space.

Custom Design

Our engineers work with you to develop a unique geometry perfectly suited to your application’s thermal and spacial requirements.

Thermal Performance

Manufactured from highly durable materials, Insulon’s rugged and long-lasting design makes it well-suited to even the most demanding thermal applications.

Exceptionally Thin

The majority of Insulon parts have overall wall thicknesses in the order of millimeters, leaving you more space for the rest of your design.

Conserve Energy

Insulon can help your application retain heat within the system, and use that heat more effectively.

Reduce Costs

Improved thermal management can enhance overall performance of a device or system, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Protect Sensitive Components

Insulon can help protect sensitive components and equipment from damaging thermal exposure.

How does it work?

Insulon® Technology employs a deep vacuum space between the walls of two coaxial tubes to effectively eliminate convective heat transfer. Our proprietary manufacturing process allows Insulon® vacuum spaces to be exceptionally thin and effective at a wide range of temperatures (up to 1000°C).

Insulon® vacuum insulation parts may also feature design elements that reduce heat transfer due to radiation, depending on the needs of the application.

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Insulon® Protects Sensitive Components

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