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Vacuum insulation for high temperature fluid transfer up to 815C (1500F)

Insulating high temperature fluid systems has never been simple. After installing the process piping, a secondary insulation material needs to be wrapped around the pipe and clamped, taped, or otherwise fixed into place. Once installed, the insulation requires periodic inspection and maintenance to manage moisture, corrosion, and other issues.

Now, high temperature insulated tubing is available in the form of Insulon Vacuum Jacketed Hose for fluid transfer systems up to 815 Celsius (1500 Fahrenheit). A groundbreaking solution for high temperature applications, Insulon hose delivers ultra-high performance thermal insulation in a corrosion-resistant, stainless steel package.

The vacuum barrier is pre-installed into the double-walled hose, arriving at your facility with the thermal insulation already in place. Rather than installing transfer hoses and insulation materials separately, the pre-insulated Insulon hose can be installed in one easy step.

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Four Insulon vacuum jacketed hoses in 1 inch and 0.75 inch and 0.5 inch and 0.25 inch diameters
Insulon vacuum jacketed hoses for applications up to 815 degrees Celsius
High temperature vacuum insulation by Insulon Technology

Thermal Insulation Performance

The charts below illustrate empirical test data collected while transferring hot air though Insulon Vacuum Jacketed Hose. The charts include the inlet media, outlet media, and midpoint external surface temperatures at steady state. The hoses used for these tests were 1/2″ ID and 6′ Length. Ambient temperature was 23°C.

Standard Performance

MLI (High Performance)

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Features & Benefits

  • Minimize temperature loss as the fluid moves from the heater to the application
  • Quick installation with no wrapping, clamping, or taping
  • Improve workplace safety by reducing potential exposure to dangerous high temperatures
  • Improve energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption
  • Stainless steel surfaces on wetted and exterior surface of hose
  • Inert, non-reactive materials compatible with cleanroom requirements
  • ASTM G93 oxygen cleanliness up to Level A available upon request
  • May be combined with Teflon or PTFE/PFA tube for applications that require smooth bore interior


Semiconductor fabs and sub fabs require maximum thermal performance for a competitive advantage

Semiconductor Mfg. Equipment

Semiconductor fabrication plants rely on precise thermal management for thermal processes, deposition lines, and other applications.

Heating system equipment in boiler room

High Temp Steam Transfer

Safely transfer high-temperature steam used in heating, cleaning, sterilization, food and beverage production, and rubber manufacturing

Process Heaters (Hot oil transfer)

Improve thermal control and get faster time-to-temperature with Insulon vacuum jacketed hoses for process heating (and cooling) systems

Cleanroom manufacturing uses stainless steel surfaces

Industrial Mfg.

Enable precise temperature control in industrial manufacturing applications. Insulon hoses deliver ultra-high thermal performance for fluids up to 815C

Maximum Allowable Working Pressure (MAWP) by Temperature

Insulon hose is available in two pressure level options: low pressure (LP) and high pressure (HP). For high temperature applications, pressure rating decreases as the fluid temperature increases. Contact us for help selecting the right pressure rating →

Learn more about pressure derating factor at temperature →

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