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Cylindrical, Elliptical, and Custom Vacuum Insulation

Engineered for applications from -270°C to 1000°C

Engineered Performance

We custom engineer high-performance advanced vacuum insulation to enhance your application’s overall thermal performance. Our engineers work with you to develop a holistic understanding of your application, considering everything from component-level parameters to system-level parameters. Design is a crucial step in the vacuum insulation engineering process. Design factors include temperature, geometry, pressure, vibration, structural load, other stresses, and environmental factors. Our goal is to deliver unique, powerful insulation solutions to help your application reduce heat loss and achieve optimal thermal energy efficiency.

Insulation Materials

Insulon® is built with corrosion-resistant metals including stainless steel, Inconel, and other alloys. Materials can be selected to fulfill food-grade or medical-grade insulation requirements. Our R&D department is actively researching ceramic Insulon®.


Insulon® components are available in lengths up to approximately 4 feet. Individual segments can be joined with couplings to make longer assemblies. Diameters can range from hypodermic needle gauge sizing up to approximately 1 foot.

Small diameter vacuum insulated tubes are displayed next to a U.S. dime to demonstrate small size

Small Bore Pipes

Small diameter vacuum insulated pipes offer a clean solution for small bore pipe insulation. Insulon® vacuum insulation excels in space-constrained applications, and our technology is well-suited to small diameter, low footprint piping requirements. Some of our thinnest, smallest vacuum insulated tubes perform as sleeves for hypodermic needles in cryoablation therapies. Our small bore pipes can be designed for cryogenic or high-temperature applications, due to Insulon® Technology’s wide operating temperature range (-270°C to 1000°C).

Flexible vacuum insulated hose is bent to demonstrate small bend radius. Built with Insulon Technology.

Flexible Hoses

Vacuum insulated hoses built with Insulon® Technology deliver high-performance insulation for applications ranging from -270°C to 1000°C. Our insulated flexible tubes work with you to transport thermally sensitive materials where you need them to go. A small bend radius allows our flexible hoses and tubes to move freely while consistently delivering reliable thermal insulation performance. Whether you are transporting cryogenic liquid nitrogen or high-temperature gases, our low overall wall thickness keeps volume flow rates high.

Pre-bent vacuum insulated tube built with Insulon Technology shown in double-bent configuration

Pre-Bent Tubes

Pre-bent tubes allow your piping system to navigate thermally-challenging areas with reduced-risk of thermal exposure. Like all Insulon® products, our pre-bent tubing is designed to fit seamlessly into your system while improving thermal performance. Built to your specification, our pre-bent vacuum insulated tubes are delivered with bends in place. Just like our straight tubes and pipes (and all of our parts), the overall wall thickness of our double-walled bent tubing is barely above that of a single-walled tube.

Vacuum insulated tubes and pipes built with high performance Insulon Technology

Tubes & Pipes

Vacuum insulated tubes built with Insulon® Technology deliver high-performance thermal insulation in environments ranging from -270°C to 1000°C, including high temperature and cryogenic fluid transport. Vacuum insulated tubes have thermal insulation built inside the double-walled structure, providing an alternative to other tube insulation materials such as wraps, blankets, and foam pipe insulation. The exposed surface of the corrosion-resistant, stainless steel pipe makes inspection a breeze, with no need to remove and reinstall insulation materials. The overall wall thickness of an Insulon® vacuum insulated pipe is barely above that of a single-walled pipe, delivering high-performance insulation in a low profile, low maintenance package. Tubes and pipes may also be built with Inconel or other alloys if your application demands.

Vacuum insulated dewar flask with anti-rolling hexagonal end pieces

Dewar Flasks

Insulon® dewar flasks use advanced vacuum insulation to provide long term, high-performance thermal protection. High-density multi-layer insulation may be installed within the vacuum annulus to reduce radiation heat transfer. For cryogenic storage of liquid nitrogen and other cryogenic substances, dewars provide low heat leak which can help prevent material losses due to boil-off. For sensors and instrument protection, flasks may be fitted with a feedthrough cap to allow probes to reach the external environment. These flasks can be used as thermal barriers for data loggers to extend data collection in high-temperature environments. In addition to thermal protection, dewar flasks provide physical protection in a rugged, stainless steel package. Hexagonal end pieces provide a unique anti-rolling feature to prevent accidental falls.

High temperature vacuum insulated containers built with Insulon Technology

Cans & Containers

Vacuum insulated canisters and containers are available in both open-top and closed-top designs. Our cylindrical vacuum insulation can provide thermal solutions for a variety of applications, including storing temperature-sensitive materials, reducing material loss during transit by reducing boil-off, and protecting sensitive instruments from damaging thermal exposure. Our rugged metal design provides both physical and thermal protection for delicate and valuable sensors and substances. Cans and containers may be combined with our glass-to-metal seals for fully hermetic enclosures, with or without feedthroughs. Like all Insulon® products, vacuum insulated cans and containers can be designed for hot and cold applications from -270°C to 1000°C.

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