Custom Geometries

Insulon® thermal barriers are engineered to consume minimal space while providing ultra high thermal insulation performance. Due to their custom nature, the final geometry is relatively open-ended. The majority of Insulon® designs are based on cylindrical and elliptical geometries. Insulon® can be manufactured as a standalone part, or an Insulon® lining can be installed inside the walls of an existing tube, pipe, or can.


Materials are selected according to the temperature requirements of each application. The majority of Insulon® thermal barriers are built with stainless steel. Alternative metals include Inconel and other alloys. Currently, all Insulon® parts are built with metal; our R&D department is actively researching ceramic Insulon®.


Insulon® components are available in lengths up to approximately 4 feet. Individual segments can be designed to fit together with couplings to make longer assemblies. Diameters can range from hypodermic needle gauge sizing up to approximately 1 foot.

Insulon® Straight Tubes

The original Insulon® design. Our space-saving tubes and pipes are delivered to you with the insulation built-in, so you can stop spraying and wrapping. The exposed surface makes inspection a breeze, with no need to remove and reinstall materials. Plus, the overall wall thickness of an Insulon® pipe is barely above that of a single-walled pipe. Materials resist corrosion.

Insulon® Bent Tubes

Insulon® bent tubes allow you to navigate the intricate geometry of your design, maneuvering bends and turns without sacrificing temperature. Parts are designed and built according to your requirements, including length, diameter, and bend radius. Parts arrive at your door with bends in place, ready to fit seamlessly into your application.

Insulon® Flexible Tubes

Insulon® flexible tubes and hoses work with you to transport thermally sensitive materials where you need them to go. A small bend radius allows our flexible tubes to move freely. Whether you’re transporting liquid nitrogen or high temperature materials, our low overall wall thickness keeps volume flow rate high. Flexible tubes and hoses are available in lengths up to 10 feet.

Insulon® Cans

Insulon® cans provide solutions for a variety of thermal challenges, including storing thermally sensitive materials, preserving materials during transit, or protective components from damaging thermal exposure. Our sturdy, rigid metal design provides both physical and thermal protection for your most valuable sensors and substances. Insulon® cans are available in both open-top and closed-top designs.

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