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Vacuum insulated sleeves for thermal ablation probes

Low-profile, medical-grade vacuum insulation for steam, saline, and cryoablation probes

Minimally-invasive devices need ultra-thin components

Cryoablation and other thermal ablation therapies are minimally invasive procedures. We engineer Insulon® vacuum insulated sleeves to be as thin as possible, reducing the size of the surgical probe for maximum patient comfort.

While transporting cryogenic fluids such as liquid nitrogen, the external surface of an Insulon® sleeve remains near ambient temperature, supporting safe contact with healthy tissue.

Engineered for patients, and their doctors.

Our vacuum insulated sleeves are engineered for patient comfort and doctor usability.

Pliable, flexible

With a small bend radius and malleable construction, doctors can hand-bend the sleeves during surgery. This gives doctors flexibility and freedom to continually manipulate the cryoprobe into desired shapes throughout the course of the operation.

Form factors

Available in straight and flexible form factors. Straight and flexible sections may also be integrated into the same component.

Bend-to-Shape vacuum insulated sleeve  for thermal ablation devices
Bend-to-Shape sleeve engineered with Insulon ® advanced vacuum insulation

Ultra-thin design

We specialize in small-diameter vacuum insulation. Flexible probes can be designed with an overall wall thickness as low as 2.5 mm. Rigid insulation for hypodermic needle tubing can be even thinner — with an overall wall thickness as low as 0.25 mm.

Medical-grade materials

Material selection is of the utmost importance for medical and surgical applications. Insulon® sleeves are typically built with 304 or 316 stainless steel. Need something else? Just let us know.

Reliable insulation

Extreme temperatures that occur during thermal ablation require high-performance, medical-grade insulation. Insulon® vacuum insulation provides reliable and effective insulation for heat-based and cryogenic ablation procedures.

Advanced vacuum insulation

Insulon® is an advanced form of vacuum insulation that can deliver ultra-high insulation performance for critical medical applications.

Insulon® can be engineered for applications ranging from -270°C to 1000°C. In addition to cryogenic ablation, Insulon® can be engineered for heat-based ablation surgeries such as steam and saline ablation.

Protect healthy tissue with high-performance thermal insulation

For this thermal analysis, an Insulon® sleeve with less than 0.5 mm overall wall thickness transported liquid nitrogen while maintaining safe-to-touch external surface temperatures.

Advanced vacuum insulation can help improve patient safety and comfort during cryosurgery by protecting healthy tissue against exposure to extreme cold or heat.

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Cryoablation vacuum insulated sheath thermal analysis
14 gauge Insulon Sheath (top) and 18 gauge Insulon Sheath (bottom)
14 gauge Insulon® sheath (top) and 18 gauge Insulon® sheath (bottom)

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High-precision components

We specialize in high-volume manufacturing with rigorous quality control. Each component is manufactured with precise attention to detail, efficiently fulfilling large volume orders.

Decades of experience

Concept Group has over 50 years of manufacturing experience. We have been supplying parts to the medical industry for over 20 years.

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Bend-to-shape vacuum insulated sleeve for thermal ablation devices