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Insulon® Hose LP

Vacuum Jacketed Transfer Hoses for Low Pressure Applications

High-performance vacuum insulated hoses, available in select sizes and pressure ratings. For cryogenic and high-temperature applications from -270°C to 900°C (-454°F to 1650°F).

Flexible stainless steel vacuum jacketed hose

Insulon® Safety Guards

Thermally-Insulated Nozzle Guards for Heat Guns

Personnel protection in manufacturing plants just got better with all-new Insulon® Safety Guards. These heat gun attachments represent innovative developments in hot air tool accessories, taking heat gun safety to a whole new level.

Steinel Heat Gun with Insulon Safety Nozzle Guard

Thermal Ablation Needles

Ultra-Thin Vacuum Insulated Sleeves for Hypodermic Needles

Minimally-invasive surgical devices need ultra-thin components. We engineer Insulon® vacuum insulated sleeves to be as thin as possible while providing critical thermal insulation for patient safety.

Vacuum insulated sleeves for cryoprobes displayed next to U.S. dime

Data Logger Thermal Barriers

Thermal Resilience for Data Loggers in Autoclaves

Insulon® flasks provide thermal insulation and physical protection for data loggers in high temperature and high pressure autoclaves, enabling longer dwell times and more data collection.

Insulon Flasks annotated to show different features

Custom Insulon® Tubing

Custom Vacuum Jacketed Pipes, Tubes, and Hoses

Flexible vacuum jacketed tube

Flexible Tubes & Hoses

High-performance insulation, small bend radius, and easy installation. Flexible vacuum insulated tubes withstand vibration and other mechanical stresses.

Flexible tubes and hoses →

Bendable vacuum insulated tube that holds its shape

Bend-to-Shape Tubing

Field-bendable tubing that holds its shape. Adjust to your desired form, and our bend-to-shape tubes stay in position while delivering high-performance insulation.

Bend-to-shape tubing →

Small diameter vacuum insulated tubes are displayed next to a U.S. dime to demonstrate small size

Small-Bore & Miniature Tubing

Small-diameter and miniature vacuum jacketed tubes for compact and space-constrained systems. Ultra-thin design and ultra-high performance.

Small-bore & miniature tubing →

Stainless steel vacuum insulated pipes

Straight, Rigid Piping

Rugged, durable vacuum insulated tubes and pipes for cryogenic and high temperatures. Option to include multi-layer insulation to reduce radiation heat transfer.