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Vacuum insulated hose

Build your Insulon vacuum jacketed hose assembly

Insulon vacuum jacketed hoses are available in a variety of formats to offer you maximum versatility and control when purchasing vacuum jacketed hoses. Whether you need to safely transfer liquid nitrogen, chiller fluids, steam, or high temperature gases, the Insulon Hose product line can be adjusted to suit your specifications without overengineering. Select performance level, pressure rating, and optional end fittings to suit your specific application.


Cryogenic fluids

Reduce operating costs with low-maintenance, pump-down-free vacuum jacketed hoses for industrial gas supply, cryo-freezers, and cryogenic hydrogen applications.

Low-temperature chillers

Maximize energy efficiency and minimize condensation with easy-to-install Insulon Hoses for chiller supply and return lines. Available in lengths up to 20 meters (66 feet).

Process heating and cooling

Maximize performance for temperature control units (TCUs) used for process heating and cooling in semiconductor, chemistry, research, and laboratory applications.

Exhaust lines

Insulate high temperature exhaust gases with double-walled Insulon Hoses. May also be used to route cables and wires in high temperature environments.

Steam transfer

Improve safety in high temperature, high pressure steam transfer applications in food production and other industries with lightweight, flexible Insulon Hoses.

Other applications

Insulon Hose is engineered for fluid transfer systems from -270 to 900 C (-454 to 1652 F).

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1. Select diameter and length

Diameters: 1/4″ ID (DN6), 3/8″ ID (DN10), 1/2″ ID (DN12), 3/4″ ID (DN20), 1″ ID (DN25)

Lengths: 2 to 66′ (0.6 to 20 meters)

Four flexible Insulon vacuum jacketed hoses in 1 inch and 0.75 inch and 0.5 inch and 0.25 inch diameters

2. Choose your performance level


Standard Insulon hoses feature a sleek, compact design with smaller outer diameters than most other vacuum jacketed hoses. The lightweight, ergonomic design saves space while improving handling.

ID: 0.25 in (6 mm)
OD: 1.05 in (27 mm)

ID: 0.50 in (12 mm)
OD: 1.27 in (32 mm)

ID: 0.75 in (20 mm)
OD: 1.62 in (41 mm)

ID: 1.00 in (25 mm)
OD: 1.95 in (50 mm)

Multi-Layer Insulation (MLI)

Insulon hoses with MLI deliver maximum thermal insulation performance. Our proprietary, high-density multi-layer insulation is installed inside the vacuum space to minimize radiation heat transfer.

ID: 0.25 in (6 mm)
OD: 1.27 in (32 mm)

ID: 0.50 in (12 mm)
OD: 1.62 in (41 mm)

ID: 0.75 in (20 mm)
OD: 2.38 in (60 mm)

ID: 1.00 in (25 mm)
OD: 2.38 in (60 mm)

3. Select pressure rating

For high temperature applications (21 to 900°C), please see pressure derating factor by temperature.

Low Pressure

Hose Size (Inner Diameter)MAWP (-270 to 21°C)MAWP (21-900°C)
1/4″ ID (DN6)72See high temp chart
1/2″ ID (DN12)72See high temp chart
3/4″ ID (DN20)43See high temp chart
1″ ID (DN25)43See high temp chart

High Pressure

Hose Size (Inner Diameter)MAWP (-270 to 21°C)MAWP (21-900°C)
1/4″ ID (DN6)1368See high temp chart
1/2″ ID (DN12)750See high temp chart
3/4″ ID (DN20)600See high temp chart
1″ ID (DN25)460See high temp chart

Ultra-High Pressure

Contact us for ultra-high pressure vacuum jacketed hoses, including those for cryo-compressed hydrogen (ccH2) transfer.

4. Integrate end fittings (optional)

Select from virtually any end configurations including compression unions, flared end fittings, and flanges. Integration with custom end fittings also available.

Vacuum jacketed flexible hose with CGA-295 (JIC swivel nut) end fittings

Concept Group LLC

Concept Group LLC is a thermal engineering firm specializing in advanced insulation solutions for complex and demanding thermal challenges. We combine innovative engineering with expert manufacturing to develop proprietary solutions for clients across industries.

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