How can high temperature fluid systems benefit from Insulon vacuum jacketed hose?

High temperature vacuum insulation by Insulon Technology

A novel insulation solution for high temperature fluids, Insulon vacuum jacketed hoses help thermal systems improve overall performance. Benefits include include temperature control, heat conservation, and improved safety.

Insulon hoses work by employing advanced vacuum technology. The hoses are double-walled with a vacuum space in between. This vacuum barrier drastically reduces heat transfer, resulting in a range of benefits including heat conservation, improved energy efficiency, and safer systems.


  • Reducing potential exposure to dangerous high temperatures
  • Conserve thermal energy by preventing heat loss or gain
  • Conserve heat, ensuring that the fluid maintains its target temperature
  • Maintain safer surface temperatures with high performance insulation
  • 100% stainless steel surfaces on interior and exterior of hose
  • ASTM G93 oxygen cleanliness up to Level A available upon request


  • Protect personnel help prevent accidental burns or injuries
  • Improve energy efficiency and reduce energy requirements
  • Inter, non-reactive materials are easy to sterilize; compatible with cleanroom requirements
  • Safeguard equipment (high temperature fluids can damage infrastructure if not properly insulated)

Operating Temperature Range

-270 to 900 C (-454 to 1652 F)

Four Insulon vacuum jacketed hoses in 1 inch and 0.75 inch and 0.5 inch and 0.25 inch diameters
Insulon vacuum jacketed hoses for applications up to 900 degrees Celsius

High temperature vacuum jacketed hose applications

Chemist holds a flask containing a blue chemical

Chemical Processing Plants

Insulon vacuum jacketed hoses can help maintain temperature control for high temperature fluid lines used in chemical processing. 316L stainless steel compatible with cleanroom requirements

Heating system equipment in boiler room

High Temp Steam Transfer

Safely transfer high-temperature steam for power generation, heating, cleaning, sterilization, food manufacturing, rubber manufacturing, and other industrial processes

Process Heating Systems

Improve thermal control and efficiency, increase heating capacity, and speed up time to temperature with Insulon vacuum jacketed hoses for process heating and cooling systems

Cleanroom manufacturing uses stainless steel surfaces

Industrial Manufacturing

Enable precise temperature control in industrial manufacturing applications. Insulon hoses deliver ultra-high thermal performance for applications up to 900 degrees Celsius

Safer surface temperature analysis

This chart illustrates the temperature difference between the process media (hot air) and the external surface at the midpoint of the hose. With an inlet temperature of 900°C, surface temperatures at the midpoint of the Insulon vacuum jacketed hose were approximately 300°C. Ambient temperature was 23°C.

This analysis was conducted with a 1/2″ ID x 6′ L Insulon vacuum jacketed hose, low pressure (LP). High pressure hoses also available. Option to include multi-layer insulation (MLI) for “super” insulation performance.

Chart - Insulon Vacuum Jacketed Hose LP - High Temperature Insulation Performance
Insulon vacuum jacketed hose, low pressure, 1/2″ ID x 6′ L transfers hot air over maintaining a temperature delta of approximately 600°C

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