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Specialty manufacturer of vacuum insulation

Vacuum insulation has delivered reliable, high performance insulation for cryogenic applications for decades. Now, high temperature applications can also benefit from this advanced thermal insulation technology. Concept Group specializes in the design and manufacture of proprietary Insulon vacuum insulation, with operating temperatures ranging from -270 to 815+ degrees Celsius, depending on the product.

High performance flexible vacuum insulated hose transporting liquid nitrogen
High temperature high performance advanced vacuum insulation

Insulon Vacuum Jacketed Hose

Insulon hoses are engineered with proprietary vacuum insulation technology for a sleek, compact design and zero pump-down maintenance. Engineered for applications from -270 to 815 Celsius (-454 to 1500 Fahrenheit):

Four Insulon vacuum jacketed hoses in 1 inch and 0.75 inch and 0.5 inch and 0.25 inch diameters
For a given inner diameter, Insulon hoses typically have a smaller outer diameter than other vacuum jacketed hoses

Medical and Surgical Device Insulation

An experienced supplier, Concept Group has been delivering ultra-thin, medical-grade insulation solutions for many years. Specialties include surgical devices for cryoablation, safe transfer of cold and hot fluids, and storage for temperature-sensitive medications and other materials.

Custom Vacuum Insulation

Having trouble finding thermal insulation that’s meets your system requirements? Insulon vacuum insulation delivers solutions where conventional materials fail. We collaborate with your product development team to engineer and manufacture insulation components that help your device reach its full potential. Expertise and specialties include:

Ultra thin vacuum insulation component displayed with cross section view. Walls as thin as 0.25mm.


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