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Ultra thin, high performance vacuum insulation

Flexible insulated hose, vacuum insulated tube, and vacuum insulated container. Insulon Technology

Advanced Vacuum Insulation

Insulon® Technology delivers unique insulation solutions for complex thermal challenges. Our patented vacuum insulation operates in thermal environments from -270°C to 1000°C. For ultra-high performance, we incorporate our proprietary, high-temperature multilayer insulation (MLI). Made with stainless steel or other alloys, Insulon® can be designed for a wide range of applications including aerospace, appliances, pharmaceuticals, medical instruments, and more. Our goal is to help your system enhance overall thermal performance and energy efficiency.

Glass to Metal Hermetic Seals made with stainless steel and manufactured by Concept Group LLC

Glass to Metal Seals

Glass to metal seals, connectors, and headers can play a vital role in your system’s performance. It’s important to choose a glass to metal seals manufacturer who can deliver the high quality hermetic seals that you need. Concept Group specializes in stainless steel glass to metal compression seals for high temperature and high pressure applications. With over 50 years experience and the highest quality standards, you can count on Concept Group to deliver the most reliable product.

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From preliminary sketches to CAD drawings, we help you refine your design down to every last detail.

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Once we have your final design, our engineers build your prototype in a matter of weeks.

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We manufacture millions of parts per year using state-of-the-art robotics & automated techniques.

Quality Control

Rigorous quality control standards ensure that the parts we deliver are exactly what you ordered.

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