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Compact, highly efficient insulation for medical storage and transport

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Storing and transporting thermally-sensitive pharmaceutical and biomedical materials can pose a significant challenge. For example, medications such as epinephrine and insulin must be kept at temperature to preserve their efficacy. These delicate substances require robust packaging with thermal insulation to prevent the ingress of heat. Biomedical materials including live cells and tissues are typically stored at ultra-low temperatures, requiring even more powerful insulation and cooling technologies.

Because of their technical requirements, portable devices for pharmaceutical and biomedical materials can be expensive and cumbersome to move around. The higher level of thermal protection required, the more insulation materials will need to be used, resulting in oversized, bulky packaging. Medical applications need better solutions for cold storage and transport.

Insulon vacuum insulation offers transformative solutions for storing and transporting temperature-sensitive materials. With the ability to deliver ultra-high performance thermal insulation in an ultra-thin design, Insulon helps pharmaceutical and biomedical devices reduce packaging while protecting these delicate and valuable materials.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides novel solutions for small and compact applications that require portability, including handheld devices
  • Delivers high performance insulation while consuming minimal design space
  • Designed in a variety of shapes and sizes including custom configurations
  • Inert materials; stainless steel surfaces are easy to clean and sterilize
  • Non-fibrous insulation materials; no shedding
  • Compatible with cryogenic and high temperature environments
  • Insulon vacuum insulation delivers a passive insulation solution; may be paired with active thermal management strategies including cryogenic cooling systems

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High temperature vacuum insulated canister containers
Insulon vacuum insulated containers for compact storage and transport of temperature-sensitive substances

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