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Concept Group Core Process

Built on our Core Values of partnership, innovation, and sustainability, our Core Process defines the work we do each day — for our clients, ourselves, and the world.

Advanced vacuum insulation and glass-to-metal seals engineering and manufacturing process
Phase 1


The best innovations come from the best collaborations.

We focus on developing a thorough understanding of the thermal and mechanical aspects of your application, as well as your overall objective. Our goal is to develop a business case for both sides to enter into a lasting and rewarding partnership together.

Phase 2

Design for Manufacturability

Engineering partnerships built on trust and security.

We work on a variety of projects that deal with valuable technology and sensitive intellectual property. As engineers, we have the utmost respect for invention and ownership. We protect your IP as if it were our own. By cultivating a partnership built on mutual trust, we empower both teams to freely collaborate on the most innovative designs.

Phase 3


Bringing ideas to life for proof of concept.

We build working prototypes alongside a full suite of functional testing at our Research & Development facility. We work with you throughout this process to refine each detail according to your component-level and system-level specifications. This constructive feedback loop is the bedrock of innovative product development.

Phase 4

Production Development

Demonstrated expertise in engineered manufacturing.

With over 50 years of manufacturing experience, we take intricate, custom-engineered components and produce them at high volume with high precision. We engineer your production process for maximum efficiency, with emphasis on quality control and lean manufacturing principles.

Phase 5


The final step is just the beginning.

Production is the last phase in our Core Process, and the beginning of a long-lasting and sustainable relationship. We continue to provide reliable service and enthusiastic support throughout your product’s entire lifecycle. We take pride in our partnerships, and we celebrate the innovation that our teams have created together.

The best innovations come from the best collaborations.