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Get safer heat guns

Upgrade to the new standard in heat gun safety. Insulon Safety Guards are the first heat gun nozzle guards engineered with Insulon vacuum insulation for maximum thermal protection.

Steinel HG 2320 E heat gun with Insulon safety guard

Heat guns aren’t just hot.

If you’re an EHS professional, facilities manager, or a heat gun operator yourself, then you know the deal. Heat guns aren’t just hot — they’re insanely hot. Depending on the application, you might be cranking your heat gun up to 850°F. That’s hotter than most commercial pizza ovens.

While these hot air tools are exceptionally useful devices, they also can pose serious workplace hazards. Even a brief period of contact with an unguarded heat gun nozzle can cause severe burns. Insulon Safety Guards help protect heat gun operators by reducing the risk of burn injuries.

Steinel 2320 with Insulon safety nozzle guard

Industrial Strength Protection

You may have seen other heat gun nozzle guards on the market. Insulon safety guards are different. They are the first nozzle guard to use advanced vacuum insulation for industrial strength thermal protection.

  • Insulon safety guards reduce the chance of burn injury for heat gun operators.
  • Advanced vacuum insulation drastically reduces the external surface temperature around the nozzle.
  • The corrugated structure reduces the surface area of contact in the event that an accidental touch occurs.
  • Prevent neighboring components from unintentional melting or damage.

Options to Purchase

Heat guns are delivered fully assembled with the safety guard already attached. They are ready-to-use right out of the box.

Steinel heat gun 2320 e with safety accessory

Steinel HG 2320 E + Insulon Safety Guard

Steinel 2320 E heat guns with LCD display. Retrofitted with Insulon safety guards.

Milwaukee heat gun with Insulon safety nozzle guard

Milwaukee 8975-6 + Insulon Safety Guard

Dual temperature Milwaukee 8975-6 heat guns with Insulon safety attachments.

A Safer Workplace

Ensuring our workplaces are as safe as possible is an ongoing process. Insulon Safety Guards are one important step in the mission to eliminate the risk of burns to heat gun operators.

Operators should always follow best practices for hot air tool safety, including but not limited to:

  • Ensure the hot air tool is in safe working condition
  • Keep the air inlet free from debris
  • Do not allow skin, clothes, or flammable materials to touch the nozzle or the Safety Guard
Environment Health and Safety EHS in manufacturing workplaces

Insulon Safety Guards are not intended to provide a tool-holding surface. They are intended to reduce the risk of burns, and, in the event of accidental contact, to reduce the severity of the burn.

FAQ — Heat Gun Safety

  • Should I remove the nozzle from my heat gun?

    No, you should not remove the nozzle. Insulon Safety Guards are not intended to replace the heat gun nozzle; they are intended to go around the nozzle.

  • Will the Insulon Safety Guard fit on my heat gun?

    Insulon Safety Guards are currently available for Steinel HG 2320 E and Milwaukee 8975-6 heat guns. To request a custom Safety Guard for another hot air tool, please use this form. Custom jobs are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

  • Can I hold onto the Insulon Safety Guard while I'm working?

    Insulon Safety Guards are not designed to be tool-holding surfaces. They are designed to reduce the risk of burn injury, and in the event of a burn, to reduce the severity of the burn. Heat gun operators should always follow best practices for heat gun safety. Do not hold on to the heat gun by the Safety Guard.

  • Is Concept Group a Steinel distributor?

    Yes, Concept Group is a proud distributor of Steinel products. Contact us to request a quote.

  • Are Insulon Safety Guards removable?

    No, Insulon Safety Guards are not removable. The retrofit is designed to be permanent. Do not remove and reattach the safety guard to the heat gun.