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Protect Personnel with Insulated Heat Gun Attachments

Personnel protection in manufacturing plants just got better with Concept Group’s new Insulon® Safety Guards. These vacuum insulated, stainless steel attachments represent innovative developments in heat gun accessories, taking hot air tool safety to a whole new level.

Industrial hot air tools are used for various manufacturing applications to deliver heat wherever it’s needed. Typical applications include welding plastics, shrink tubing, shrink wrapping, shaping thermoplastics, stripping varnish, and removing paint. These applications span many fabrication processes, from automotive to boating, airplane building, service and repair shops, etc.

While some existing safeguards protect “hot work” operators from potential safety hazards, the risk of workplace injury from heating elements persists. This danger is mainly due to the extreme temperature and the lack of visible flame, which gives users a false sense of security. It is also because heat gun nozzles typically are not insulated to mitigate the high-temperature exposure.

Improving Heat Gun Safety

When developing Insulon® Safety Guards as a “game-changing” heat gun accessory, Concept Group’s engineering team had these goals in mind:

  • Reduce the risk of accidental burn injury
  • Better protect heat gun operators on the job
  • Prevent the hot metal nozzle from being touched
  • In the event of a burn, to reduce the severity

This chart details the thermal protection of an Insulon Safety Guard when used on a particular heat gun. The settings for this test were 450°C flow temperature and high cubic feet per minute (CFM).

Industrial hot air tool with Insulon Safety Guard nozzle attachment
Hot air tool with Insulon® Safety Guard nozzle attachment
Chart detailing thermal performance of Insulon Safety Guards
Test data shows that the external surface of the Insulon® Safety Guard is significantly lower than the heat gun operating temperature

Features and Benefits

Insulon Safety Guards offer significant advantages over other nozzle guards currently on the market. They are the only products available that include advanced vacuum insulation. The following features and benefits help keep heat gun operators safe from injury:

  • Thermally protected with advanced vacuum insulation
  • Durable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction
  • Easily attaches around the heat gun nozzle
  • Prevents contact with the high-temperature nozzle
  • Does not impede the hot airflow required to do the job
  • Can be designed to fit virtually any professional heat gun
  • Can be designed for hot air guns up to 800° C
  • Can be custom engineered with other metals for higher temperatures
Stainless steel, vacuum insulated, Insulon Safety Guard
Stainless steel Insulon® Safety Guard, engineered with advanced vacuum insulation

Heat Gun Safety Tips

In addition to using insulated nozzle guards, heat gun operators should always be aware of the following safeguards against fire and injury:

  • Ensure heat gun is in safe working condition
  • Keep air inlet grill free of debris
  • Do not allow skin, clothes, or flammable materials to touch the nozzle
  • Hold the nozzle steady and operate at a safe distance (approximately 6 inches from the target)

Add Safety Guards to your Accessory Kit

Manufacturers that depend on hot air tools take proactive steps to promote occupational health and safety by preventing workplace injuries and burns. The addition of Insulon Safety Guards is another step that companies can take to enhance personnel protection. While insulation does not wholly eliminate burn risk, it can significantly reduce the number of OSHA recordable incidents. In the rare event of a burn occurring when this accessory is attached, the thermal protection would likely reduce the severity.

Insulon Safety Guards are available to heat gun manufacturers for bundling with other accessories, or directly to operators interested in the latest heat gun features and technology.

Interested in purchasing? Request a quote for Insulon Safety Guards that meet your specifications (heat gun type, temperature settings, etc.), or discuss customization requirements.

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