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Semicon fabs improve thermal fluid management with Insulon hose

Semiconductor fab and sub-fab systems rely on precise thermal management to ensure reliable performance and safety. When transferring high or low-temperature fluids between equipment and tool, proper thermal insulation is required to minimize heat ingress or egress.

Insulon vacuum jacketed hose are used to transfer thermal fluids from chillers and cryo-chillers, process heating and cooling equipment, deposition lines, and more. Precise temperature control helps increase yields, ensure product quality, and reduce downtime in these critical manufacturing environments.

  • Available in sizes including 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″, and 1″ ID. Lengths up to 20 meters, depending on diameter.
  • Operating temperature range from -270 to 815 Celsius.
  • Pressure up to 750 psi, depending on diameter and temperature
  • Compatible with a variety of end configurations including compression unions and adapters, flanges, and more
Four Insulon vacuum jacketed hoses in 1 inch and 0.75 inch and 0.5 inch and 0.25 inch diameters
Insulon vacuum jacketed hose

Chillers and cryo-chillers

Insulating chiller fluids on their journey from the chiller to the tool is critical for maintaining precise temperature control. Insulon hose minimizes heat ingress, ensuring that the coolant remains at the desired temperature from the chiller to the point of use.

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Temperature control units

Process heating and cooling equipment requires insulated lines that can handle both low and high temperatures. Whether you’re insulating -100C or 250C, Insulon hose deliver optimal performance for temperature control units (TCUs).

Deposition lines

CVD, PVD and other processes rely on precise temperature control to achieve uniform film deposition. Insulon vacuum jacketed hose ensures that high temperature gases maintain their temperature throughout the delivery system.


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