Vacuum Insulated Tubes, Pipes, and Hoses

For applications from -270°C to +1000°C

Our straight, bent, and flexible tubes and pipes can be joined together to fit your unique application. Possible end configurations include Swagelok compression fittings.

High Temperature Insulation

Insulon® Technology uses advanced vacuum insulation technology to perform in high temperature environments. Insulon® delivers outstanding insulation performance in thermal environments up to 1000°C.

High Thermal Performance

Whether you need to reduce skin temperature, reduce boil off, or conserve energy, Insulon® can deliver high-performance thermal insulation. Contact us to discuss the thermal challenges facing your unique system.

Pump-Down Free

Insulon® vacuum spaces are reliable and long lasting. Our vacuum insulated tubes and pipes do not require pump downs, saving you time and money. Our fully sealed tubes and pipes don’t even have pump down ports.

Ultra Thin Design

The overall wall thickness of Insulon® tubes, pipes, and hoses can be as thin as a few millimeters. Our low footprint design helps optimize your system and use space efficiently — without sacrificing thermal performance.

Vacuum insulated tube/pipe with InsuLine logo

Coming Soon: InsuLine™ Modular System

Our modular system includes individual segments that can be arranged according to your needs. With the ability to be disassembled and reassembled, InsuLine™ seamlessly integrates into your existing setup. Segments available in lengths up to four feet. Possible end configurations include Swagelok compression fittings.

Modular segments can be connected for custom arrangements

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