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Vacuum Insulated Tubes and Hoses

Rigid pipes, flexible hoses, and bend-to-shape tubes for applications from -270°C to 1000°C

High-temperature and cryogenic vacuum insulated tubing

Custom-engineered supply lines for applications from -270°C to 1000°C. Built with Insulon® advanced vacuum insulation.

Advanced vacuum insulation

Insulon® delivers high-performance insulation for a variety of thermal systems. Learn more about advanced vacuum insulation performance.

Custom-engineered solutions

Custom-engineered vacuum insulated tubing for a wide variety of challenging and complex thermal applications from -270°C to 1000°C.

High-temperature capabilities

Insulon® Technology is an advanced form of vacuum insulation that can be engineered for high-temperature environments up to 1000°C.

Ultra-thin design

We specialize in ultra-thin vacuum insulation with overall wall thickness as low as a few millimeters. Our low footprint designs help optimize space-constrained systems.

Custom-engineered form factors

Straight, flexible, and bend-to-shape segments can be joined together to create custom arrangements. End fittings are selected according to the needs of your application and can include Swagelok compression fittings.

Straight, rigid tubing

Ultra-thin vacuum insulated tubes and pipes for cryogenic and high temperatures. Option to include multi-layer insulation to reduce radiation heat transfer.

Flexible hoses

High-performance insulation, small bend radius, and easy installation. Flexible vacuum insulated tubes withstand vibration and other mechanical stresses.


Field-bendable tubing that holds its shape. Adjust to your desired form, and our bend-to-shape tubes stay in position while delivering high-performance insulation.

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