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Custom Vacuum Insulated Tubing — Submit an Inquiry

Use this form to submit a project inquiry for custom Insulon® pipes, flexible hoses, or bend-to-shape tubing. Custom projects are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

To inquire about a different project, please use the general inquiries form.

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What are you interested in?*
Please specify inner and/or outer diameter.
Please specify unit length and/or total length.
What is the operating temperature range for your application?
What application or industry is the tubing for?
Does the tubing need to comply with any specific material requirements (CGA, ASTM, etc.)?
Please specify burst pressure and/or working pressure requirements.
What type of end fittings do you need (tube stubs, compression fittings. etc.)?
When do you need these by?
How many units do you need?


Vacuum Jacketed Hoses

Flexible stainless steel vacuum jacketed hose


Vacuum Insulated Tubing

Bend-to-shape vacuum insulated tubing

Small Bore

Vacuum Insulated Tubing

Small diameter vacuum insulated tubes are displayed next to a U.S. dime to demonstrate small size

Straight, Rigid

Vacuum Insulated Piping

Stainless steel vacuum insulated pipes