Applications for Insulon can range from ultrathin sheaths for hypodermic needles to everyday handheld devices. Every Insulon part features the same cutting-edge thermal barrier technology, expertly customized to fit each application’s needs.


Insulon is a solution to some of the issues resulting from high temperature conditions faced in the aerospace industry. Insulon can aid in shielding fuel, air, and water lines, protecting sensitive components, and isolating sensor equipment on both commercial and military aircraft.


Insulon can help the automotive industry meet a variety of demands including maintaining peak performance, reducing toxic emissions, and improving the efficacy of electric vehicles. An Insulon Thermal Barrier provides a solution to many of these challenges.

Batteries & Fuel Cells

Temperature can be a major factor in draining batteries and fuel cells of their power, limiting their longevity and efficiency. An Insulon Thermal Barrier can combat these issues and improve performance by maintaining specific temperatures. Applications include vehicle batteries, hydrogen transport, and a wide range of other fuel cells.

Consumer Goods

Superior insulating properties and inert materials make Insulon a valuable alternative for countless consumer applications. Applications include heat-not-burn smoking devices, cool-to-touch steam wands on espresso machines, and medical devices that maintain steady temperature for hours without refrigeration. Insulon Thermal Barriers can protect your product and keep your customers safe.

Medical Devices

Our manufacturing process creates a sterilized final product, rendering Insulon safe for use in medical industries. Applications include material transport, heart catheters, laser spectroscopy devices, cryo- and steam ablation products, and cryogenic storage chambers.

Military & Defense

Thermal imaging technology is constantly improving, making stealth more crucial than ever. Munitions, batteries, sound suppressors, fuel lines, and any components that radiate heat are less likely to be detected by thermal imaging when an Insulon Thermal Barrier is incorporated.


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