Insulon® provides solutions to some of the world’s most complex thermal insulation challenges and is not limited to any specific industries.

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Since our beginnings nearly 50 years ago as a CNC machine shop, Concept Group has been supplying quality parts to the aerospace industry. Today, Insulon® provides durable, rugged, low-maintenance insulation that the aerospace industry can count on.

Auxiliary Power Units

Insulon® provides an alternative to textile insulation used on APU exhausts. Insulon® can help insulate the exhaust muffler and protect surrounding components from APU exhaust temperatures.

Bleed Air Systems

Adding Insulon® to the pathways taken by compressed air and gases can help bleed air systems function more efficiently. Insulon® can help maintain lower skin temperatures and minimize temperature drops within bleed air systems.

Fluid Lines

Insulon® can provide thermal protection for both rigid and flexible aircraft fluid lines. Insulon® can help guard against exposure to extreme temperatures and prevent temperature fluctuations for fuel, oil, lubricants, coolants, hydraulics, and air conditioning systems.

Instrument Protection

Combining Insulon® with our glass to metal seals can provide optimal thermal protection for sensors, components, and instrument lines. Insulon® can help insulate electrical conduits as well as batteries.

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Insulon® can help the automotive industry meet a variety of demands including maintaining peak performance, reducing toxic emissions, and improving the efficacy of electric vehicles. Insulon® can provide solutions to many of these challenges.

Exhaust Systems

Insulon® can help insulate exhaust systems in commercial and racing automotive vehicles. By retaining more heat in the hot end of the exhaust system, Insulon® can help improve vehicle performance. Adding Insulon® around the catalytic converter can help reduce time to light-off temperature, aiding in the reduction of toxic emissions due to cold starts.

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Batteries & Fuel Cells

Temperature can be a major factor in draining batteries and fuel cells of their power, limiting their longevity and efficiency. Insulon® can help combat these issues and improve performance by maintaining specific temperatures. Applications include vehicle batteries, hydrogen transport, and a wide range of other fuel cells.

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Consumer Goods

Superior insulating properties and inert materials make Insulon® a valuable alternative for countless consumer applications. Current applications include heat-not-burn smoking devices, cool-to-touch steam wands on espresso machines, and temperature control devices that maintain steady state temperature for hours without refrigeration. Insulon® can help protect your product and keep your customers safe.

Espresso Steam Wands

Insulon® cool-to-touch steam wands can help protect baristas from accidental burns. Baristas are able to touch steam wands directly without the need for towels, cloth, or rubber protective sleeves. Insulon® steam wands complement the aesthetic appeal of high-end espresso machines with a luxury chrome finish.

Heat-Not-Burn Devices

Insulon® provides ideal insulation for heat-not-burn devices. Insulon® can be as thin as 0.25 mm, keeping your device thin and sleek while offering perfomance enhancements including increased battery life and reduced heat-up time.


Medical Devices

Our manufacturing process uses stainless metals that are easily sterilized, rending Insulon® safe for use in medical devices. Applications include material transport, heart catheters, laser spectroscopy devices, cryogenic storage chambers, and thermal ablation products.

Hypodermic Needles

With overall wall thicknesses as low as 0.25 mm, Insulon® sheaths provide optimal insulation for hypodermic needles. Applications include thermal ablation therapies such as cyroablation and steam ablation. By insulating the shaft of the needle, Insulon® sheaths help protect healthy tissue from extreme and potentially damaging temperatures.

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Military & Defense

Thermal imaging technology is constantly improving, making stealth more crucial than ever. Munitions, batteries, sound suppressors, fuel lines, and many other components radiate heat. These components may be less likely to be detected by thermal imaging when protected by Insulon®.


Thermal Imaging Protection

An M4A1 carbine fired 210 rounds in 7 minutes, reaching temperatures over 650°F. The carbine pictured was protected by an Insulon® thermal barrier. Insulon® can help reduce heat signature, mirage, and help protect against burns. Image source: US ARMY ARDEC.

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