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Advanced Vacuum Insulation Applications

With an operating temperature range from -270°C to 1000°C, Insulon® advanced vacuum insulation delivers solutions for a wide variety of thermal applications.

Flexible vacuum insulated hose transports liquid nitrogen while maintaining safe-to-touch external surface

Tubes, pipes, and hoses

Vacuum insulated tubes, pipes, and flexible hoses built with Insulon® Technology can safely transfer high-temperature fluids and gases. Our vacuum insulated pipes are suitable for cryogenic liquids as well, including liquid nitrogen, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide. Insulon® can help maintain safe external touch temperatures and reducing material loss to boil-off.

Rigid and flexible vacuum insulated tubing →

High temperature insulation for automotive exhaust systems

Exhaust systems

Automotive exhaust systems need durable materials with high-temperature capabilities. By retaining heat in the hot end of the exhaust system, Insulon® can help improve performance for both commercial and racing vehicles. Adding Insulon® around the catalytic converter can help reduce time to light-off temperature, helping to reduce toxic emissions due to cold starts.

High-temperature insulation for automotive exhaust →

Vacuum insulated process piping for cleanrooms

Cleanroom process piping

Advanced vacuum insulation offers a variety of benefits for cleanrooms. Material protocols are of the utmost importance in highly controlled environments, and stainless steel is easy to clean and sterilize. Double-walled vacuum insulation is non-fibrous and dust-free. Our tubing, piping, and flexible hoses can be engineered for cleanroom applications from -270°C to 1000°C.

Insulated process piping for cleanrooms →

Wisps of smoke

Heat-not-burn devices

Vaporizer science focuses on heating devices to target temperatures quickly and efficiently. Ultra-thin vacuum insulation can provide a range of benefits to heat-not-burn devices (reduced risk products), and are compatible with a range of substances including tobacco, cannabis, and coffee. Insulon® can deliver system-wide enhancements including faster ramp-up time, longer battery life, and reduced external surface temperatures. In the highly competitive heat not burn market, optimal thermal performance is crucial to designing a competitive product.

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Ultra thin vacuum insulated sleeve transports liquid nitrogen while maintaining safe-to-touch external surface

Cryoablation devices

Advanced vacuum insulation components are easily sterilized and safe for use in medical-grade and surgical-grade applications. Engineered in ultra-thin designs, Insulon® delivers high thermal performance while consuming minimal space. Insulon® sleeves are used to insulate needles during thermal ablation therapies such as cryoablation. With less than 0.5 mm in overall wall thickness, Insulon® sleeves help maintain the minimally invasive nature of thermal ablation therapies.

Ultra-thin insulation for cryoprobes →

Vacuum insulated cool-touch steam wands by Insulon can be used on high end espresso machines

Food and beverage

Food-grade insulation requires safe, easily-sterilized materials. Our stainless steel insulation components deliver high-performance insulation in a food-safe package. Insulon® steam wands are used in high-end espresso machines to help protect baristas from accidental burns. Our cool-to-touch steam wands allow baristas to make direct contact without the need for towels or protective rubber sleeves. Plus, our food-grade insulation components have a luxury chrome finish, complementing the aesthetic appeal of high-end espresso machines.

Food-grade vacuum insulation →

High performance insulation for aerospace and aircraft


Aerospace insulation materials need to be durable, rugged, and low maintenance. In addition, they need to be capable of delivering high-performance insulation in a challenging, high-temperature environment. Insulon® provides aircraft thermal insulation that the aerospace industry can count on. Auxiliary power units, fluid lines, and bleed air systems can all benefit.

High-temperature insulation for aircraft →

High performance insulation for commercial and industrial appliances


High-temperature insulation can help heater-based appliances perform more efficiently and effectively. Whether processing air, steam, or liquid, our high-performance insulation can help concentrate heat in the target area and reduce waste heat loss. Built from rugged and durable insulation materials, Insulon® is suitable for both commercial and industrial appliances and tools.

Thermal batteries and hydrogen fuel cells

Batteries and fuel cells

Thermal batteries and fuel cells depend on optimal thermal performance to deliver efficient energy results. Temperature can be a major factor in draining batteries and fuel cells of their power, limiting longevity and efficiency. Insulon® can help combat these issues and improve energy efficiency by maintaining specific temperatures within an ultra thin insulation package. Applications include vehicle batteries, hydrogen transport, and a wide range of other fuel cells.

M4A1 carbine protected with an Insulon thermal shield. Image source: US ARMY ARDEC

Military and defense

Munitions, batteries, sound suppressors, fuel lines, and other components may be more difficult to detect by thermal imaging when protected by an Insulon® thermal barrier.

An M4A1 carbine fired 210 rounds in 7 minutes, reaching temperatures over 650°F. The carbine pictured was protected by an Insulon® thermal barrier. Insulon® can help reduce heat signature, mirage, and protect against burns. Image source: US ARMY ARDEC

Ultra-thin insulation for electronic packaging

Sensors and instruments

Combining Insulon® with our glass-to-metal seals can provide optimal thermal protection for sensors, instrument lines, electrical conduits, batteries, data loggers, and other delicate components.

Video: Thermal protection for sensors and instruments →

Is advanced vacuum insulation right for your application?

Thermal insulation can have significant impacts on design, structure, and system performance. Selecting the right materials for your system is an important decision. If conventional materials have been proving insufficient or ineffective for your system, Insulon® may provide a solution.