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Medical Device Insulation

Medical and surgical devices find innovative thermal insulation solutions with Insulon Technology. Insulon vacuum insulation is used to engineer a variety of thermal insulation components for critical applications. All Insulon products are double-walled, vacuum insulated, and typically made with stainless steel. The overall wall thickness of an Insulon product can be as thin as 0.25 mm.

Are you working on medical device engineering or manufacturing? Are you trying to design a more thermally-efficient or safer medical device? Insulon delivers high performance thermal insulation for both cold and hot medical applications including fluid transfer systems and thermal storage systems.

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Small diameter vacuum insulated tubes are displayed next to a U.S. dime to demonstrate small size
Small diameter Insulon vacuum insulated tubes displayed next to a U.S. dime

Vacuum insulated hypodermic needles for cryoablation

  • Double-walled, vacuum insulated sleeve
  • For cryoablation and other thermal ablation surgeries
  • Engineered with Insulon vacuum insulation technology
  • Available in standard hypodermic needle gauge sizes as small as 0.3 mm inner diameter (ID)
  • May be available in custom sizes by request

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Bend-to-shape vacuum insulated tubing
Bend-to-shape vacuum insulated tubing engineered with Insulon technology

Bend-to-shape vacuum insulated tubing

  • Double-walled, vacuum insulated tube
  • Field-bendable tubing stays in place
  • For use with cold and hot fluids including:
    • Cryogenics
    • Steam
  • Available in sizes as small as 3 mm ID

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Flexible insulon vacuum jacketed transfer hose in half inch diameter size
1/2″ ID Insulon vacuum jacketed hose for applications from -270 to 900°C

Vacuum jacketed hoses for fluid transfer

  • Double-walled, flexible vacuum insulated transfer hose
  • For fluid transfer applications from -270 to 900°C (-454 to 1652°F)
  • Available in sizes as small as 1/4″ inner diameter (ID)

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Vacuum insulated dewar flask with anti-rolling hexagonal end pieces
Insulon thermal barrier for data loggers in autoclaves

Vacuum insulated dewars for data loggers

  • Ultra-high performance vacuum insulated flask
  • Extends dwell time for data loggers in autoclaves and other high temperature environments
  • Engineered for applications as hot as 1000°C (1832°F)

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High temperature vacuum insulated canister containers
Insulon thermal barrier for data loggers in autoclaves

Vacuum insulated liners or containers for thermal storage

  • Thermal insulation components can be designed in a variety of unique shapes and sizes
  • Used to store medication or other sensitive materials
  • Ultra-high performance, thin insulation ideal for small applications
  • Engineered for cold and hot environments

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