Imagine What You Can Do with Insulon® Technology

Imagine what thermal insulation this small, this thin, and this durable could do for your application. Size and shape are remarkably unconstrained, so an Insulon shaped thermal barrier can be created for almost any design you’re working on.

What’s your application?

Batteries and Fuel Cells

Today, batteries and fuel cells are becoming more prevalent in many applications and industries. But cold temperatures drain their power, limiting their longevity and efficiency. Surrounding these with an Insulon thermal barrier conserves energy and extends life, thereby improving performance. And a battery or fuel cell protected by Insulon will stay warmer in cold environments which also reduces recharge time. It is the ideal cold weather insulator for auto batteries, fuel cells, military or commercial drones, or hydrogen transport, to name a few.


With today’s internal combustion engines, imagine a catalytic converter surrounded by an Insulon barrier. Since catalytic converters perform better warmer, Insulon helps autos reduce emissions into the environment.  And in cold weather, Insulon protected fuel tanks and lines deliver warmer fuel to the engine enabling it to operate more efficiently, increasing mpg and reducing carbon footprint.

We are also witnessing the migration to the next generation of automobiles powered by batteries and hydrogen fuel cells.  An Insulon thermal barrier will  increase power, efficiency, range and reduce charge times in cold weather.

Military and Defense

“Stealth” is a byword not just for aircraft, but for combat soldiers too.  Hot gun barrels, sound suppressors and gas tubes that radiate heat are less likely to be detected by thermal imagers  when surrounded by a fitted, Insulon thermal barrier tube.  This makes our soldiers safer, providing full spectrum camouflage, and it prevents burns from uninsulated parts.  Insulon can also cloak fuel lines and other components to provide efficient fuel transport and eliminate heat signatures on stealth aircraft.

Other military applications include:

  • Battery protection for field radios
  • Military drones
  • Component Isolation


In the extreme altitudes aircraft fly,  Insulon insulates fuel lines and other key components to provide efficient fuel transport, component integrity, and safer operation — from takeoff, to high altitude, to space, to landing.

Some applications include:

  • Commercial and military aircraft
  • Aircraft sensor equipment
  • Protecting sensitive spacecraft components

Consumer Goods

Insulon keeps everyday things hot, while keeping you cool and safe. It’s not just for specialty applications but can be used around the home or with commercial equipment in restaurants and other businesses.  Insulon’s inert materials are ideal for almost any consumer application.

A thermos or thermal cup does a great job of keeping your drink cold.  Now imagine one with 2000x the insulation that simply stops thermal conduction.   And what about that cappuccino machine that gets hot as it steams the milk? A small, durable Insulon shaped thermal tube provides the cool-to-the touch thermal barrier that keeps your customers safe.

Medical Devices

The manufacturing process for an Insulon product surgically sterilizes it, making it safe to use in medical applications. With protection beyond -321°F,  Insulon is used with cryosurgical devices to protect surgeons and patients alike.   For example, thermal insulated probes carrying liquid nitrogen can be safely held by doctors as they remove unwanted skin, warts and precancerous cells.

Other applications include:

  • Medical transport of temperature-sensitive materials (e.g., Insulin)
  • Heart catheters
  • Laser spectroscopy
  • Cryogenic storage

Let Your Imagination Run Free…

With its extreme temperature range, versatility of size and shape, Insulon products protect sensors, transport tubes and sensor assemblies used in nuclear and process control devices too. But that’s not all.

Since Insulon does not lose heat or cold, imagine the applications that haven’t even been dreamed of yet. Just contact us, and we can help you develop your inspiration, your idea, then build and integrate it into your design.