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Insulon Vacuum Jacketed Hose, Low Pressure with MLI, 3/4″ ID

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3/4″ (20mm) ID vacuum jacketed hose with multi-layer insulation (MLI). Insulon vacuum insulation combined with MLI delivers the ultimate thermal performance. Concept Group’s proprietary, high-density MLI keeps packaging compact while drastically reducing radiation heat transfer.

Designed for fluid transfer applications ranging from -270 to 815 degrees Celsius (-454 to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit). Lengths from 2 to 66 feet.

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3/4″ (20mm) ID Insulon vacuum jacketed hose with proprietary, high-density multi-layer insulation (MLI) for maximum thermal performance. Designed for fluid transfer applications ranging from -270 to 815 degrees Celsius (-454 to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit). 316 stainless steel inner and outer surfaces. Select your length and end fittings; lengths range from 2 to 66 feet (0.6 to 20 meters).

Cryogenic Applications

Minimize heat ingress, improve thermal efficiency, and reduce material costs with Insulon vacuum jacketed hoses with MLI for cryogenic fluids. High performance thermal insulation is critical for delivering high quality liquid cryogens with the lowest possible gas content. Reducing the amount of gas present in the transfer line help to minimize boil-off losses. Less boil-off means less wasted materials, helping conserving cryogens and reduce overall material costs. Including MLI in the vacuum space delivers the maximum thermal insulation performance available, and is particularly useful for applications where cryogens are flowing continuously. Compatible with liquid nitrogen, hydrogen, helium, oxygen, and other cryogens.

High Temperature Applications

Insulon vacuum jacketed hoses with MLI deliver the maximum thermal insulation for high temperature fluid transfer applications up to 815 degrees Celsius (1500 degrees Fahrenheit). At high temperatures, reducing radiation heat transfer becomes critical to effective thermal insulation. Minimize heat loss, improve thermal stability, and increase energy efficiency with Insulon Hose LP  MLI. Reduce the external surface of the transfer hose to limit extreme temperature exposure and improve safety. Compatible with process heating oils, steam, exhaust gases, carrier gases, and other high temperature fluids.

Technical Specifications

Inner Diameter (ID)

Outer Diameter (OD)

2.38 in.


2 – 66 feet (0.6 to 20 meters)

Operating Temperature (°C)

-270°C to 815°C

Operating Temperature (°F)

-454°F to 1500°F


Performance Level


Maximum Allowable Working Pressure (MAWP)*

43 psi (-270 to 38°C)

Minimum Bend Radius, Static

9.41 in.

End Fittings (optional)

, ,

Tube Stub OD


*For high temperature applications (over 38C/100F), see MAWP derating factor by temperature. Contact us for assistance. Pressure tests are conducted at 1.5x MAWP according to NAHAD Corrugated Metal Hose Assembly Specification Guidelines, p. 33 (2005).

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