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Vacuum jacketed flex hoses featuring Insulon technology for outstanding thermal insulation performance. Insulon Hose LP is engineered for applications from -270 to 815°C (-454 to 1500°F).

Low Springback

Insulon hoses provide excellent flexibility with low springback. Low springback helps to improve the longevity of your system by reducing stresses on connections, end fittings, and joints.

Compact Design

Insulon hoses are often more compact than other vacuum jacketed hoses. Insulon’s low overall wall thickness may provide space-saving benefits for your system. See the chart listed below by inner diameter (ID).

Insulon Hose LP, ID Static Bend Radius Outer Diameter (OD) Overall Wall Thickness
Insulon Hose LP, 1/2″ ID 3.98″ 1.27″ 0.39″
Insulon Hose LP, 3/4″ ID 4″ 1.62″ 0.44″