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Insulon Vacuum Jacketed Hose, High Pressure, Standard, 3/8″ ID

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Insulon vacuum jacketed hoses for cryogenic and high temperature applications from -270 to 815°C (-454 to 1500°F). High-performance thermal insulation helps fluid transfer systems improve efficiency, safety, and performance.

Insulon Hose HP, 3/8″ ID has a maximum allowable working pressure of 750 psi at room temperature. Lengths from 2 to 66 feet.

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Insulon Hose is the first of its kind — a vacuum jacketed hose engineered with proprietary insulation technology for cryogenic and high temperature environments. Insulon Hose is engineered for applications from -270 to 815°C (-454 to 1500°F).

Insulon Hose HP, 3/8″ ID has a maximum allowable working pressure (MAWP) of 750 psi for applications below 38°C fluid temperature. For high temperature applications, see pressure derating factor at temperature.

  • Cryogenic applications use vacuum insulated hoses to safely transfer extreme temperature fluids including liquid nitrogen, hydrogen, helium, argon, and oxygen.
  • High temperature fluid transfer systems use Insulon Hose to minimize heat loss for maximum thermal precision and control. Applications include process heaters, exhaust lines, steam lines, and deposition gases.

All Insulon Hose products are made-to-order and final sale.

Looking for something else? Concept Group custom-engineers Insulon vacuum insulation for a variety of industrial, commercial, and other custom applications. Contact us to speak with our engineering team.

Technical Specifications

Inner Diameter (ID)

Outer Diameter (OD)

1.05 in.


2 – 66 feet (0.6 to 20 meters)

Operating Temperature (°C)

-270°C to 815°C

Operating Temperature (°F)

-454°F to 1500°F


Performance Level


Maximum Allowable Working Pressure (MAWP)*

750 psi (-270 to 38°C)

Minimum Bend Radius, Static

3.98 in.

Tube Stub OD


*For high temperature applications (over 38C/100F), see MAWP derating factor by temperature. Contact us for assistance. Pressure tests are conducted at 1.5x MAWP according to NAHAD Corrugated Metal Hose Assembly Specification Guidelines, p. 33 (2005).

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