Insulon is the future of thermal technologyInsulon is the future of thermal technology


Extreme Environments

Imagine a barrier 2000x deeper than a thermos bottle. Imagine a design that is 1/40th the size of other insulators. You don't need to imagine it. Insulon technology does it today...

Flexible Shapes & Sizes

Do you need to hold a surgical instrument carrying liquid nitrogen at -321℉, so thin that its barrier is only 0.1mm? Does it need to be bent, shaped, spherical, or rectangular -- and work in temperatures over 2000℉? Versatile Insulon Shaped Thermal technology can be built to meet your design needs...

Durable & Long Lasting

Insulon simply does not fail. Each part is manufactured to meet the most rigorous specifications. Made from durable stainless steel, or other materials you need, its life is measured in years, and even decades, all while making your designs work better...

Trusted by the bestTrusted by the best

Insulon Technology is trusted to help power these amazing companies.

Insulon technolgy powers applications in the following industries … and more!Insulon technolgy powers applications in the following industries … and more!

Battery/Fuel Cells


Consumer Products

Medical Devices

Insulon makes your products greener.

What does ‘going green’ mean to you? Do your planes or autos need to reduce their carbon footprint? Does a specification require you to use recyclable materials? Or do you need to lower emissions or control thermal leakage into the environment?

Insulon technology helps you do all of these. Built to conserve energy, typical Insulon products are made from safe, inert, 99% recyclable materials. They make engines run more efficiently, catalytic converters work better, help batteries last longer, and they create an impenetrable barrier that stops thermal conduction. Go green. Use Insulon.

Let your imagination run free…

Do you have a sticky thermal problem that requires you to block heat, not redirect it? One that needs to work in extreme environments or small areas, or that needs an unusual shape or size?   Then Insulon is the solution you’ve been searching for. We’ve barely tapped the potential applications for Insulon Technology. Let’s work together and see where our imaginations take us!

Shouldn’t you be using Insulon technology?

See for yourself how well Insulon works. We are developing a line of ready-to-go parts and kits available for purchase. Just Contact Us and we’ll get you the products you need. Then you’ll see for yourself why Insulon is the best thermal barrier technology available anywhere.