Insulon® Demo with Schlieren & Thermal Imaging

Creating visual demonstrations for thermal insulation can be a challenging process. Heat can be a difficult thing to lay your eyes on! Luckily, we can visualize heat flow using some interesting optical systems. Schlieren imaging illustrates heat flow by observing small changes in the refractivity of air. Thermal imaging locates heat by capturing infrared radiation. … Read more

MLI takes vacuum insulation performance to the next level

High temperature multilayer insulation designed for applications up to 1000°C Thermal radiation can easily penetrate the vast majority of insulation materials, even those designed for high temperatures. All Insulon® vacuum insulated parts drastically reduce convective and conductive heat transfer, but radiation can still get through. For super insulation performance, reducing radiation heat transfer is key. … Read more

Aerogel vs. Vacuum Insulation

Discover the super strong, high temperature aerogel alternative Aerogel is one of the most effective types of insulation on earth. This exceptionally lightweight, porous, and low density material can be found in applications ranging from commercial products to Mars Rovers. It is a highly effective thermal insulator – but it can also be extremely sensitive to … Read more