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Insulon® is the perfect insulatorInsulon® is the perfect insulator


Insulon is a thermal barrier like nothing else! Even a thin Insulon barrier provides superior insulating properties to anything on the market today.  And with its flexibility in size and shape, Insulon opens up a world of new design solutions to the thermal challenges you face.

Insulon’s thin barrier forms a virtually impenetrable thermal wall.  It simply blocks the conduction of heat or cold; it does not lose the energy you want to conserve.

It also works in reverse, protecting sensitive equipment, components, fluids or materials that need to operate at optimal temperatures even though they are surrounded by extremely high or low exterior temperatures, from -321 to 2000℉

Re-imagine your design with Insulon®

Protect your equipmentProtect your equipment

As low as
As high as

Not just any thermal barrier -- a superior hyper-thermal barrierNot just any thermal barrier -- a superior hyper-thermal barrier

Insulon has no direct competition. It’s completely different than other thermal barriers and insulators. Because of its versatility and ability to work in tight spaces, nothing compares to Insulon. Just look at how much more of these insulators it takes to match even a thin barrier of insulon:
AIr Gap

Insulon thermal barriers as thin as a human hair are already being used with no energy loss, thanks to its extraordinary insulating power. Consider how much more efficient and less space a thin Insulon thermal barrier will bring to your design when compared to potential alternatives:

Air Gap

An air gap 25x thicker than an Insulon barrier


Expanded Polystyren 30x thicker


Fiberglass insulation 40x thicker than an Insulon® barrier.

What about other insulators?What about other insulators?

While there can be differences in applications, other insulators, like certain types of aerogel, may lack the durability, flexibility, and watertight properties of Insulon products. Other important differences are that aerogel can be a poor radiative insulator, and it does not match Insulon’s ability to insulate in extreme temperatures.

Any Size or Shape

The shape and size of the Insulon barrier are determined by your application since there are virtually no design limitations. Even with an extraordinarily thin barrier, Insulon is just as effective at stopping the conduction of thermal energy … cold!

With older thermal insulation technology, the shape, size, and even weight of applications were insurmountable. Not any more. With Insulon, you now have a hyper-deep thermal barrier that works in small, even miniature scales, in spaces four-thousandths of an inch or smaller. And the theoretical limit of Insulon barriers is narrower still.

Safety, Durability and Reliability Are Built into Every Insulon Product

Insulon is typically made from tough, durable stainless steel, though it can be made from many different materials, from CRS to Inconel. Not only do the parts last longer, but the shelf and service life of an Insulon product is measured in years, even decades. Each Insulon product is manufactured with the highest quality and safety in mind, 100% tested, and is surgically sterilized during manufacturing. Since we began making Insulon over a decade ago, there has been no reported failure of an Insulon product. That’s a record we’re proud of and the standard we set for ourselves.

Insulon + Hermetics

The addition of Insulon technology exponentially increases our superior line of Hermetic products. For example, by combining our high-performing glass-to-metal and hermetic seals with Insulon® technology, we’ve created a new electronic feed-through product that is ideal for battery applications. It provides unmatched insulation while creating entirely new design possibilities. Only Concept Group brings this kind of experience and imagination to solve your design needs.

The Concept Group Difference

Concept Group began its business in 1970 as engineers, designers and manufacturers of glass-to-metal hermetic seals, and using brazing to create stronger bonds between metal parts. We are constantly evolving our technology and our product line. We are still the same reliable, ‘go to,’ nimble company that has always helped you design, engineer, machine, and manufacture the products and parts you need.

But our expert design and engineering goes beyond product development. We are with you every step of the way to help you integrate our products into your designs.

We make the best products … and partners

A one-stop shop to avoid working with subcontractors on different phases of the project. This allows us to complete the work faster, saving you time and money

Superior thermal barriers, hermeticity and electrical performance that test orders of magnitude better than competitors' products and exceed industry standards.

Special Materials that give you significantly better performance. For example, we've worked with key glass suppliers to develop special, dense glasses that give you a mechanically stronger, longer-lasting seal

Outstanding Product Quality that is a hallmark of Concept Group's products. Take a close look; our quality is evident in the finish and overall fine workmanship of our parts.

Maybe most importantly, Concept Group has been making these products for almost 50 years. We’re not going anywhere. We will be here to support everything that we build. Contact us if you have a special Thermal or Hermetics challenge we can help you with.