Ultra Thin Insulation for Thermal Ablation Needles (Cryoneedles)

Insulating sheaths for thermal ablation therapies including cryoablation and steam ablation

Insulon® Sheaths are manufactured from medical grade 304/316 stainless steel and can be easily sterilized and incorporated into medical devices. With less than 0.5 millimeters in overall wall thickness, Insulon® Sheaths provide maximum insulation while preserving the minimally invasive nature of thermal ablation therapies. Insulon® Sheaths can provide insulation for needles, probes, trocars, shafts, and tubes used in thermal ablation therapies such as cryoablation and steam ablation.

14 gauge Insulon Sheath (top) and 18 gauge Insulon Sheath (bottom)
14 gauge Insulon® Sheath (top) and 18 gauge Insulon® Sheath (bottom).

Minimally invasive procedures need ultra thin components. The overall wall thickness of Insulon® Sheaths is less than 0.5 millimeters.

18 gauge Insulon® Sheath (top) and 7 gauge Insulon® Sheath (bottom)
18 gauge Insulon® Sheath (top) and 7 gauge Insulon® Sheath (bottom).

Insulon® Sheaths are manufactured in sizes as small as 24 gauge and can fit inside hypodermic needles as small as 22 gauge. Both standard and custom sizes are available.