Aerospace Applications

Since our beginnings nearly 50 years ago as a CNC machine shop, Concept Group has been supplying quality parts to the aerospace industry. Today, our cutting edge Insulon® Technology provides durable, rugged, low-maintenance insulation that the aerospace industry can count on.

Fluid Lines

Insulon® can provide thermal protection for both rigid & flexible metal aircraft fluid lines including fuel, oil, lubricants, coolants, hydraulics, and air conditioning system. Insulon® can help to:

  • Guard against exposure to extreme temperatures
  • Prevent temperature fluctuations

Bleed Air Systems

Adding Insulon® to the pathways taken by compressed air and gases can help bleed air systems to function more efficiently. Insulon® can help to:

  • Maintain lower skin temperature
  • Minimize temperature drop within bleed air systems

Auxiliary Power Units

Insulon® provides an alternative to textile insulation used on APU exhausts. Insulon® can help to:

  • Insulate the exhaust muffler
  • Protect surrounding components from APU exhaust temperatures

Instrument Protection

Combining our glass-to-metal compression seals with Insulon® Technology can provide optimal thermal protection for sensors, components, and instrument lines. Insulon® can help to:

  • Insulate electrical conduits
  • Insulate batteries