Insulon® Demo with Schlieren & Thermal Imaging

Creating visual demonstrations for thermal insulation can be a challenging process. Heat can be a difficult thing to lay your eyes on! Luckily, we can visualize heat flow using some interesting optical systems.

Schlieren imaging illustrates heat flow by observing small changes in the refractivity of air.

Thermal imaging locates heat by capturing infrared radiation.

This video includes TWO demonstrations, comparing the performance of a double-walled, vacuum-insulated Insulon® part to that of a single-walled, stainless steel part.

In the first part, we ran hot air (650°C / 1200°F) through a 15-cm Insulon® Straight Tube and a single-walled, stainless-steel tube. Heat is retained inside the Insulon® Tube, conserving energy and maintaining a cooler external touch temperature.

In the second part, we allow liquid nitrogen (-196°C / -321°F) to evaporate from an 8-cm Insulon® Open-Top Can and a single-walled, stainless-steel can. The visualizations illustrate the rapid rate at which liquid nitrogen evaporates from the unprotected can. The Insulon® Can conserves liquid nitrogen by reducing the rate of boil-off.

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