Small diameter vacuum insulated pipe demo

Liquid Nitrogen Insulation Video Demonstration

High-performance vacuum insulation works with high temperature and cryogenic fluids The demo video below compares the thermal performance of a ½ inch Insulon® vacuum insulated tube to an air-insulated tube and a non-insulated tube. As you can see in the video, Insulon® maintains the external surface temperature closer to ambient ... Read more
Vacuum Insulation Demo: Thermal Protection for Sensors and Instruments

Vacuum Insulation Demo: Thermal Protection for Sensors and Instruments

Ultra thin vacuum insulation (1.4mm) protects against 600°C thermal exposure Working with sensors in high temperature environments can pose a variety of challenges. High-performance thermal insulation can allow sensors and other delicate instruments to operate in higher temperature environments for longer periods of time. Ultra-thin vacuum insulation offers a low … Read more

Vacuum Insulation Demo: Thermal Shock Test

Vacuum Insulation with High Thermal Shock Resistance (video)

Insulon® advanced vacuum insulation resists high-temperature thermal shock for reliable performanceWhat is thermal shock? Thermal shock occurs when materials are rapidly exposed to extreme temperatures. Severe and/or repeated exposure to sudden changes in temperature can lead to degradations in material strength or performance. This can cause issues for some insulation ... Read more
Schlieren optical image showing the airflow from a lighter flame

Vacuum Insulation Demo with Schlieren & Thermal Imaging

Patented vacuum technology delivers high performance insulation for cryogenic and high temperature applications Creating visual demonstrations for high-performance thermal insulation can be a challenging process. Heat can be a difficult thing to lay your eyes on! Luckily, we can visualize heat flow using some interesting optical systems. Schlieren imaging illustrates … Read more