How industrial gas suppliers are improving safety with Insulon Hose

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Safety is of the utmost importance to industrial gas suppliers. Finding ways to further strengthen safety and efficiency in this global industry requires new products and new solutions. One of the biggest areas for improvement is in the area of cryogenics. These ultra-low temperature fluids can pose a safety hazard to operators and customers.

For cryogenic transfer lines, the best way to provide thermal protection is to use vacuum jacketed hoses, tubes, or pipes. But, as industrial gas suppliers know, most vacuum jacketed hoses can be big, bulky, and hard to maneuver. Plus, they can require hours of pump-down maintenance when the vacuum barrier deteriorates.

A new type of vacuum jacketed hose

Insulon vacuum jacketed hoses represent advancements in cryogenic safety equipment. With zero pump-down maintenance and a compact, ergonomic design, Insulon hoses offer a lightweight, reliable, and effective solution for insulating low temperature fluids.

The proprietary vacuum technology and high density multi-layer insulation in Insulon hoses maximizes thermal insulation performance. Insulon hose has undergone empirical tests demonstrating significant reductions in boil-off losses when compared to other vacuum jacketed hoses.

Industrial gas suppliers benefit from incorporating Insulon vacuum jacketed hoses into their in-house transfer systems and offering them as accessory items to their customers.

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