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What does cryogenic mean?

Cryogenics is a field of science and engineering that delves into the behavior and utilization of materials at extremely low temperatures. At such extreme cold temperatures, substances exhibit unique properties, … Read more

Flexible insulon vacuum jacketed transfer hose in half inch diameter size

What is a vacuum jacketed hose?

A vacuum jacketed hose is a type of specialized hose designed to minimize heat loss from the fluid it is transferring. The product consists of an inner stainless steel hose, … Read more

Rusted pipe with aluminum jacket damaged by corrosion under insulation (CUI)

What is corrosion under insulation?

Corrosion is a type of oxidation that occurs when a material loses electrons to oxygen molecules in the surrounding air or water. In the context of industrial manufacturing, this material … Read more

What is thermal insulation?

Thermal insulation reduces heat transfer between solid objects, fluids, or gases by introducing a barrier between them. Insulation can be critical for a range of industries including energy, industrial, medical, and … Read more