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What is a vacuum jacketed hose?

A vacuum jacketed hose is a type of specialized hose designed to minimize heat loss from the fluid it is transferring. The product consists of an inner stainless steel hose, which carries the liquid or gas, surrounded by an outer jacket. Between the two stainless steel walls is a vacuum barrier which prevents heat transfer.

Most vacuum jacketed hoses are used to transfer cryogenic fluids, and specialized vacuum jacketed hoses can be used to transfer high temperature fluids. The vacuum barrier reduces heat transfer, thermally insulating the fluid inside the hose. These types of hoses have been relied upon for decades as a high performance thermal insulator for fluid transfer systems.

Note: “Vacuum jacketed hoses” are also referred to as “vacuum insulated hoses.” Both terms refer to the same products.

Double-Walled Vacuum Insulation

The key to vacuum jacketed hoses’ ultra-high insulation performance lies in their double-walled design. By incorporating vacuum technology, the double-walled hose creates a vacuum-sealed space between the inner and outer layers. The vacuum barrier effectively minimizes conductive and convective heat transfer.

A vacuum space is virtually empty (depending on how “deep” of a vacuum it is). Because there are almost no air molecules in the vacuum space, heat has a very difficult time traveling. Convective and conductive heat transfer are virtually eliminated within a vacuum space.

Many vacuum jacketed hoses also include multi-layer insulation (MLI) within the vacuum annulus. MLI reduces radiation heat transfer as well, for the highest performing vacuum jacketed hoses.

How does MLI reduce radiation heat transfer?
Multi-layer insulation (MLI) reduces radiation heat transfer

Are vacuum jacketed hoses pre-insulated?

Yes, vacuum jacketed hoses can be considered pre-insulated. Most pre-insulated hoses consist of an inner hose with one or multiple insulation materials wrapped around and fixed in place. Pre-insulated hoses have many benefits; because the insulation material is already attached, it makes installation processes much quicker and easier.

With vacuum jacketed hoses, the thermal insulation is already built-in to the hose when it is delivered to you. For that reason, vacuum jacketed hoses can also be considered pre-insulated. Instead of purchasing the inner pipe and insulation material separately, a vacuum jacketed hose delivers an “all-in-one” solution.

Are vacuum jacketed hoses corrugated?

All vacuum jacketed hoses are corrugated, but not all corrugated hoses are vacuum jacketed. Many corrugated hoses are just single-walled, flexible hoses that do not possess any unique thermally insulating properties. Vacuum jacketed hoses are technically two corrugated hoses — one inside of the other — that maintain flexibility while also delivering thermal insulation.

Vacuum insulated hose
Vacuum jacketed hoses are double-walled, corrugated, and vacuum insulated.

What applications are they used in?

Vacuum jacketed hoses have been used extensively in cryogenic applications for many decades. They are used in the storage and transport of cryogenic materials including liquid nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, argon, helium, hydrogen, and others.

In recent years, Insulon vacuum jacketed hoses have also been used in high temperature applications. Insulon vacuum jacketed hoses represent advancements in vacuum technology that enable operation in high temperature environments, in addition to cryogenic ones.

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