Looking for thermal management solutions? Don’t forget this important tool

Thermal management is often discussed in terms of electronic devices, which generate excess heat. Overheating can damage electronics, which means this heat needs to be dissipated. Thermal management systems use a wide range of cooling solutions, including heat sinks, heat pipes, heat exchangers, liquid cooling systems, fans, and phase change materials to keep electronics within … Read more

Can vacuum insulation be effective at high temperatures?

Advancements in thermal technology introduce high temperature vacuum insulation solutions Cryogenic systems benefit enormously from vacuum insulation. According to NASA, “Cryogenic thermal insulation systems that incorporate a vacuum environment can provide the lowest possible heat transfer.” But what about high temperature applications? Could vacuum insulation be an effective high temperature insulation material? “Cryogenic thermal insulation … Read more

Ceramic Insulon®

Ceramic Insulon® prototype Research & Development Concept Group engineers are conducting exciting new research on ceramic Insulon®. We have used ceramics in high-end applications, but today’s research is pushing the envelope to understand the full capabilities and cost effectiveness of ceramic Insulon®. Standard Materials Millions of Insulon® parts have been built from metals including stainless ... Read more

MLI takes vacuum insulation performance to the next level

High temperature multilayer insulation designed for applications up to 1000°C Thermal radiation can easily penetrate the vast majority of insulation materials, even those designed for high temperatures. All Insulon® vacuum insulated parts drastically reduce convective and conductive heat transfer, but radiation can still get through. For super insulation performance, reducing radiation heat transfer is key. … Read more