Safer dispensing of cryogenic fluids with compact vacuum jacketed hoses

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The cryogenic industry has long had to settle for non-insulated hoses in dispensing applications. Non-insulated hoses provide a lightweight and flexible option, both of which are advantages for operators. However, they do not include vacuum insulation — the standard in most other cryogenic fluid transfer applications.

Traditional vacuum jacketed hoses are thicker and heavier than non-insulated cryogenic hoses, making some facilities reluctant to use them for dispensing applications where ease of movement is key. However, this comes at a cost; non-insulated hoses cause known issues with safety in cryogenic applications.

Non-insulated hoses in cryogenic applications typically become covered with a thick layer of frost and condensation. The accumulated moisture begins to drip, landing on the floor and surrounding equipment, creating wet, cold, and slippery surfaces. These conditions complicate an environment that already poses safety risks due to potential exposure to extreme cryogenic temperatures.

That’s why Concept Group engineers have developed Insulon Safe Dispensing Hose, a new, vacuum jacketed dispensing hose for industrial gas suppliers, laboratories, and other facilities.

Balancing ergonomics with critical thermal protection

Insulon Safe Dispensing Hose is a new type of vacuum jacketed hose made specifically for cryogenic dispensing applications. Balancing ergonomics with critical thermal protection, the assembly includes a 1/2″ ID Insulon vacuum jacketed hose with CGA-295 end fittings and a phase separator.

Smaller outer diameter

This type of Insulon hose does not include multi-layer insulation (MLI), allowing for a significantly smaller outer diameter than other vacuum jacketed hoses. Insulon Safe Dispensing Hoses combine ease of movement with protective vacuum insulation, finally offering industrial gas suppliers a safe and functional solution for a critical application.

No pump-down maintenance

In addition to providing a more compact option, Insulon hoses also have reduced maintenance costs and downtime than traditional vacuum jacketed hoses. Insulon vacuum jacketed hoses do not require pump down maintenance.

Inner vs. outer diameter

Insulon Safe Dispensing Hose, 1/2″ ID
ID: 0.50 in (12 mm)
OD: 1.27 in (32 mm)

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Manufactured with 316L stainless steel, Insulon hose are compatible with all major cryogens including liquid nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, helium, argon, carbon dioxide, and more.

Phase separator for cryogenic dispensing

Insulon Safe Dispensing Hose with Phase Separator

Improve safety by minimizing frost and condensation build-up in cryogenic dispensing applications with Insulon Safe Dispensing Hose. This assembly includes Insulon Vacuum Jacketed Hose, Low…

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