Automotive Insulation

High temperature vacuum insulation for automotive exhaust system hot ends

Today’s automotive exhaust systems present some of the most demanding and space-constrained thermal management challenges. Calls for greater efficiency and tighter emission requirements are putting pressure on exhaust systems to increase internal temperatures, while strict packaging requirements need exhaust systems to remain as compact as possible. Conventional insulation methods just aren’t sufficient for the thermal demands of today’s vehicle exhaust systems. The good news? Insulon® Technology provides a potential solution to many of these issues.

→ meet packaging requirements
→ increase internal temperatures
→ reduce external temperatures
→ improve efficiency
→ decrease warm-up times
reduce cold start emissions (PDF)
→ protect sensitive components
→ improve aesthetics

Insulon® can be applied to individual exhaust system components including exhaust pipes, catalytic converters, manifolds, turbochargers, finishers, and motorcycle exhaust.

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