Insulon Vacuum Flasks

Insulon® Vacuum Flasks

Insulon Vacuum Flasks offer thermal and physical protection for data loggers in high-temperature and high-pressure environments. Insulon Technology provides optimal thermal insulation in environments up to 1000°C, allowing data collection to be extended for longer periods of time. Rugged stainless steel construction keeps data loggers safe and secure while anti-rolling hexagonal end pieces prevent accidental falls and physical damage.

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Thermal Performance

The chart at right details thermal performance of Insulon Vacuum Flasks at four different environmental temperatures. Data shows the time until the data logger inside the flask reaches 140°C.


Testing was conducted for data loggers 24 mm in length and 18 mm in diameter that can withstand temperatures up to 140°C when left unprotected. A conventional oven was used for testing; oven and flask starting temperatures were 25°C.

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Additional Features

In addition to offering superior thermal performance to other options on the market, Insulon Vacuum Flasks feature unique hexagonal end pieces that prevent rolling and allow the device to be positioned upright or on its side.

The data logger fits securely within an internal PTFE mass which can be cut to fit data loggers of different shapes and sizes. A wire feedthrough provides a path for the probe to reach the external environment. The top screws off for easy disassembly.

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