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How long does vacuum insulation last?

When designing Insulon parts, our engineers carefully consider the longevity requirements of your application including duration of use, thermal cycling, exposure to thermal shock, and performance requirements. We focus on life … Read more

Can vacuum insulation be used in food-grade applications?

Yes, advanced vacuum insulation can be engineered to meet food-grade insulation requirements including food-grade pipe insulation. Some of the benefits of advanced vacuum insulation for food-grade applications include non-fibrous materials, easy-to-clean surfaces, … Read more

What is the R-value for Insulon?

Our engineers custom design Insulon vacuum insulation to excel in individual applications according to the parameters of each unique system. This means that the thermal resistance, or R-value, varies with … Read more

What are R-values and U-values?

R-values are used to measure an insulation material’s thermal resistance. Insulation materials with higher R-values can reduce heat transfer more effectively. U-values are used to measure thermal transmittance. Insulation systems with lower … Read more