Frequently Asked Questions

Are all Insulon® products custom-made?

The large majority of Insulon® products are custom-designed solutions tailored to your application’s specific needs. Standard product lines currently available include Insulon® Needle Shafts, Insulon® 6″ Sample Tubes, and InsuLine™ Supply Lines.

Are Concept Group products available outside the United States?

Yes, Concept Group parts are sold internationally. We look forward to working with you regardless of your location.

Are Insulon® Thermal Barriers DFARS compliant?

Yes, Insulon® parts can be produced to be DFARS compliant

Are Insulon® Thermal Barriers food grade?

Yes, Insulon® products can be manufactured to meet food grade standards.

Are Insulon® Thermal Barriers safe for use in consumer devices?

Insulon® parts are made of inert materials and can be used in consumer applications.

Are Insulon® Thermal Barriers safe for use in medical devices?

Our manufacturing process creates a sterilized final product, rendering Insulon parts safe for use in medical applications.

Are there limitations to the shape and size of Insulon® parts?

Our present Insulon® portfolio includes primarily cylindrical designs, including straight, bent, and flexible tubing, as well as open- and closed-top cans. The overall wall thickness of Insulon® Thermal Barriers can be as low as 0.010″ (0.25 mm). Diameters can range from fine needle-gauge sizes up to one (1) foot. Lengths of individual parts can be up to four (4) feet, and Insulon® parts can be segmented together to create longer lengths.

Can components be welded on to Insulon® Thermal Barriers?

It is possible for components to be welded onto Insulon® parts, depending on the application. If your application requires a flange or mounting bracket, let us know and we can supply it as a completed assembly.

Do Insulon® Thermal Barriers protect from extreme temperatures on both sides of the barrier?

Yes, the same insulating principles apply regardless of where the extreme temperature is located.

Does Concept Group have high-volume manufacturing capabilities?

Yes, Concept Group has decades of of high-volume manufacturing experience and produces millions of parts per year.

How long has Concept Group been in business?

Concept Group was founded in 1970 as a precision CNC machine shop.

Is Insulon® a coating technology?

Although Insulon® Thermal Barriers can be as thin as 0.25 mm, Insulon® is not a coating. Insulon® can be better understood as a very thin thermal lining.

What is the life expectancy of an Insulon® Thermal Barrier?

The life expectancy of Insulon® can be measured in two ways: shelf life and integrity. Assuming proper handling and storage, Insulon®’s shelf life can be measured in years or even decades. Longevity is dependent on the application, size, and type of materials used.

What is the thermal resistance, or R value, of Insulon®?

Since R values depend on many factors including shape, thickness, size, and material, there is no single R value to assign to Insulon®. To discuss the potential for a specific analysis of your application, please contact us.

What materials are used to make Insulon®?

Many Insulon® parts are made with austenitic stainless steels. A variety of materials are compatible with Insulon® Technology, and other materials are used when applications face temperatures beyond stainless steel’s capabilities. If your application requires other materials, we would be happy to discuss feasibility.

Where are Concept Group's products designed and manufactured?

Concept Group’s R&D and Manufacturing facilities are located in the United States.

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