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Frequently Asked Questions

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Insulon® Advanced Vacuum Insulation

What is Insulon® Technology?

Insulon® is a patented advanced vacuum insulation technology that is used to create high-performance thermal insulators. Effective in both cryogenic and high-temperature applications, Insulon® can operate in thermal environments ranging from -270°C to 1000°C. Our most advanced parts include proprietary high-temperature multi-layer insulation (MLI) installed inside the vacuum annulus for vacuum super insulation performance.

Is Insulon® a thermal barrier coating (TBC)?

No, Insulon® is not a thermal barrier coating. Insulon® is a double-walled vacuum insulation technology that is manufactured as standalone components including tubes, pipes, cans, containers, flasks, cones, and custom geometries. And while not a coating, the overall wall thickness of ­­Insulon® parts can be as thin as 0.25 mm.

How is Insulon® made?

Insulon® advanced vacuum insulation is engineered and manufactured according to Concept Group’s proven Core Process. Learn more about vacuum insulation engineering.

What insulation materials are used to make Insulon®?

Stainless steel, Inconel, and other alloys are used to build Insulon®. Insulation materials are selected according to the needs of individual applications and can be selected to fulfill food-grade or medical grade material requirements.

What are R-values and U-values?

R-values are used to measure an insulation material’s thermal resistance. Insulation materials with higher R-values can reduce heat transfer more effectively. U-values are used to measure thermal transmittance. Insulation systems with lower U-values have a lower rate of thermal transmittance than those with a higher U-value.

What is the R-value for advanced vacuum insulation?

Our engineers custom design Insulon® to suit individual applications. This means that the thermal resistance, or R-value, varies with each part. Insulation performance can be adjusted using various parameters including dimensions and material selection. Most Insulon® parts have an overall wall thickness in the order of millimeters and can deliver hundreds of degrees of temperature difference.

How long does advanced vacuum insulation last?

When designing Insulon® parts, our engineers carefully consider the longevity requirements of your application including duration of use, thermal cycling, exposure to thermal shock, and performance requirements. We focus on life cycle optimization to ensure the greatest ROI for your company.

Is advanced vacuum insulation available in pipes, tubes, or flexible hoses?

Yes, Insulon® vacuum insulation is available in rigid pipes, flexible hoses, and bend-to-shape tubing. Insulon® is engineered in diameters ranging from millimeters to 12 inches.

Is advanced vacuum insulation safe for food-grade applications?

Yes, advanced vacuum insulation can be engineered to meet food-grade insulation requirements including food-grade pipe insulation. Some of the benefits of advanced vacuum insulation for food-grade applications include non-fibrous materials, easy-to-clean surfaces, and reduced risk of corrosion under insulation (CUI).

Is advanced vacuum insulation safe for medical-grade applications?

Yes, advanced vacuum insulation can be designed for medical and surgical applications such as thermal ablation therapies. Manufactured from stainless steel, Insulon® parts are easily sterilized.

Can components be welded onto Insulon® parts?

It is possible for components to be welded onto Insulon® parts, depending on the application. If your application requires a flange or mounting bracket, let us know and we can supply it as a completed assembly.

Are Insulon® parts DFARS compliant?

Yes, Insulon® parts can be manufactured to be DFARS compliant.

Glass to Metal Seals

What kind of glass to metal seals does Concept Group manufacture?

We manufacture stainless steel and titanium glass to metal seals.

Concept Group LLC

How long has Concept Group LLC been in business?

Founded in 1970, Concept Group LLC (formerly Concept Group Inc.) has been in business for over 50 years.

Can Concept Group fulfill high volume orders?

Yes, Concept Group uses state of the art automation technology to manufacture millions of parts per year with high precision and rigorous quality control.

Where are Concept Group’s products designed and manufactured?

Concept Group’s products, including Insulon® parts and our glass to metal seals, are designed and manufactured in the United States.

Does Concept Group ship internationally?

Yes, Concept Group has many international business relationships. We look forward to working with you regardless of your location.

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