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Learning more about Insulon® and Concept Group products is easy. If you have questions, review the FAQs below before contacting us.

Frequently Asked Questions

The durability of Insulon can be viewed in at least two ways — shelf life and how long the thermal barrier’s integrity is maintained.  Assuming proper handling and storage, Insulon has an indefinite shelf life that can be measured in years, even decades.  Similarly, the thermal barrier in use will have an extremely long life, and can be permanent.  But longevity is dependent on the application, size and the type of materials used. Contact Concept Group if you have a specific project you want to discuss.

No Concept Group customer has ever reported a failure of an Insulon thermal barrier from usage.  As an AS 9001 Certified Company, Concept Group rigorously tests each product before it is delivered to the customer.  We stand behind each part we make.

Concept Group was founded in 1970 as a precision-machined parts and assembly company for a wide variety of industries.  Our business started as a specialty parts provider for hermetic glass-to-metal seals and brazing.  We have long had our own machining, expert engineering, testing, and plating capabilities, to deliver both custom and standard packaging.  While we still provide these products, Concept Group has developed and offers its highly demanded Insulon Shaped Thermal Barrier line of products.  We maintain the same expertise and quality which earned us AS 9100 certification, while expanding our engineering, design and manufacturing capability exponentially.

This is a question which no expert can answer directly since R value is dependent on the shape, thickness, and size of the part, the material that is being used, and what environment exists on the outside (e.g, water, air flow, other liquid, etc.).  So R value will vary by application.

The better question might be ‘what shapes and sizes CAN’T you make with Insulon?’  We’re waiting to find one.  If you have the need, we can probably design and make it. Contact us if you have a specific project you want to discuss.

Insulon is typically made from tough, durable Stainless Steel, though it can be made from many different materials, from CRS to Inconel.  If you have a need for other materials, we can probably help you build it. Contact us if you have a specific question.

Insulon has no direct competition today.  Nothing compares to Insulon.  The product page provides a good illustration of how much better Insulon works as a thermal barrier when compared to other insulators.  It requires 40x more fiberglass to have similar conduction to a 0.1mm Insulon thermal barrier, 20x more expanded polystyrene, and a 25x larger air gap.  While aerogel is also a popular alternative for lightweight applications, keep in mind that Insulon blocks heat, it doesn’t lose energy when it, say, transports fluids. And it is watertight. This conserves more energy, providing better efficiency, performance and insulation for your application.  Better than any other product on the market today.

The same principles of thermal barriers that keep heat or cold on the inside while the outside remains cool to the touch, apply equally well when you want to protect sensitive electronics, vital instruments, or maintain optimum fluid temperature from harsh external temperatures. That is why companies choose Insulon for applications like sensor equipment.  For example, if you want to measure the temperature and flow of, say, Magma, Insulon will protect your vital sensor — just as it will keep components warm and working in outer space.

Every year, Concept Group receives inquiries from over 60 countries worldwide. Today, some of our largest customers are international companies operating outside the U.S.

Use the Contact Form and tell us who you are, what you are interested in doing, and how big or small you believe your project will be.  We’ll respond to set up a preliminary call.  If you have drawings you want to send, there is a place to attach these on the Contact Form.

Yes, we do!  We deliver millions of products every year, especially to large companies in the high volume Consumer Goods segment.  We’ve not received an order yet that we cannot handle.  And with the popularity of Insulon® and its recognition as the best product in its category, we are currently expanding our U.S based manufacturing facilities to meet ever-increasing demand.  Contact us if you want to learn more.

Absolutely!  Metal-to-Glass hermetics and brazing are still an important part of our business.  Concept Group will continue working with customers who have specialized or standardized designs in these areas.  Contact us if you want to learn more.

Specialized medical probes and devices are being used in healthcare today.  In fact, the way Insulon products are manufactured, the final product is already sterilized for medical or consumer use.  Additionally, Insulon is made from inert materials that ensure consumer safety.

All R&D, design, engineering and manufacturing facilities are located in the United States.  Concept Group has the highest clearances for working with entities in the United States and with many others internationally.

Still have questions or want to learn more?  Just contact us today!